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Staff Picks

Shearers' Mince and Potato Hot Pot

Rating: 4 stars 68
This is a very filling Australian outback recipe that is often made for the shearers.

Dad's New Zealand Mince Stew

Rating: 4.5 stars 46
Hmmmmm... I'm not sure if it's chili, or stew or a shepherds pie without the crust, but there is nothing like it over some toast on a cold night, rich and hearty, just downright yummy if you ask me. We always experiment a little with our ingredients but it always comes out great. I'm thinking of going and making a pot right now, oh and it's even better the days after you make it, just go ahead and microwave some, put it on baked potatoes, roll it up in bread, use it anyway you like.

Lamb Madras Curry

Rating: 4.5 stars 56
This is my all-time favorite curry to make; it's pungent flavor wins me over every time. You can use beef if you like, but it often takes a little longer to cook, so just leave it simmering for another 20 minutes or until the meat melts in your mouth. I also suggest that you make this 2 days in advance as the flavors will develop and the curry will become even more delicious!

Salt and Pepper Squid

Rating: 4 stars 18
This is a delicious and simple recipe for squid. Lightly coated in sea salt and pepper seasoned flour and then fried to perfection. Perfect for a hot summer's meal served with a fresh garden salad.

Date Loaf Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 33
Very much like sticky date pudding - nice and moist, and made without eggs.

Aussie Lime Pie

Rating: 4.5 stars 54
Easy lime pie with ANZAC cookie crust.

Yummy Pikelets

Rating: 4.5 stars 67
These pikelets are thick and fluffy. With your choice of jam and whipped cream they become out of this world!

Toasted Strawberry-Cream Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

Rating: 4.5 stars 15
I first made this for my Mum for Mother's Day three years ago. Now she'll never let me cook her anything else for the occasion. Sweet, yummy strawberries, cream cheese, white chocolate, and pink sparkling wine makes a perfect girly breakfast! Garnish the champagne glasses with a strawberry.

Chocolate Pavlova

Rating: 4.5 stars 27
Elegant perfectly describes this crisp-on-the outside, marshmallow-soft-on-the-inside puff, crowned luxuriously with cream, strawberries and a drizzle of bittersweet chocolate.

Banana Spring Rolls

Rating: 4.5 stars 62
Bananas rolled in spring roll pastry and deep fried. Very easy to make, and delicious with ice cream. Doesn't get simpler!!

Anzac Biscuits (Australian Coconut-Oat Cookies)

Rating: 4.5 stars 141
Traditional recipe from Australia and New Zealand. Associated with the joint public holiday (ANZAC Day) to commemorate the Gallipoli landings during WW1.

Chef John's Sausage Rolls

Rating: 5 stars 23
People often bake the sausage roll whole, then cut it up. But I've found that if you cut them into individual rounds first, the crispier results more than make up for the extra work. I like to eat mine dipped in a bit of mustard.

Inspiration and Ideas

Shepherd's Pie VI
Rating: Unrated 3270
"I just love this recipe! This is one of the few things my husband requests on a regular basis, plus my finiky 3 year old eats it right up!" – MELLISSAYBARRA
Chef John's Pavlova with Strawberries
Rating: Unrated 95
This dessert is fun to make and eat. Fresh fruit, especially berries and kiwis, balances the sweet, gooey crunch.
Pavlova Deluxe
Rating: Unrated 39
A Drama Queen's Pavlova
Rating: 4.5 stars 32

Australians and New Zealanders both claim Pavlova and this recipe is so easy it feels like cheating! I first had it when a friend brought it to our final dress rehearsal and begged her for the recipe! It is especially striking when the fruits and berries are in season. Personally, I like to add coconut for the crunch, but it's NOT sweetened coconut – it's unsweetened, in big flakes, and I get it from the fruit and nut guy at our commissary. It's a real crowd pleaser and the best thing about it is you can make it a day ahead. Just allow the meringue to fully cool and cover lightly with plastic wrap. Top with whipped cream and fruit just prior to serving.