Chef John's Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast and brunch recipes by Chef John.

Staff Picks

Chef John's Sticky Buns
Rating: Unrated 53
The first recipe I made for my family after my first semester of culinary school was sticky buns. Ever since then, they've had a special place in my heart. It's been my experience with baking that the harder a dough is to work with, the better it comes out and this is no exception--the contrast between this beautifully tender, airy dough and the sweet, crunchy, sticky topping is just otherworldly.
Chef John's Quiche Lorraine
Rating: Unrated 472
In my opinion, a proper quiche should be rich, custardy, and luxurious--not some kind of dense, baked omelet. This has only enough eggs and yolks to hold things together, but that means you need to let it cool to just warm before serving, to fully enjoy the experience.
Chef John's Pumpkin Pancakes
Rating: Unrated 339
This basic pancake recipe turns into a delicious holiday breakfast simply by adding pumpkin and some fall spices!
How to Make Country Gravy
Rating: Unrated 138
This is a beautiful example of classic, very old-school American country cooking. There are a lot of variations, and this is my favorite. This goes on fried chicken, country-fried steak, and biscuits.
Quick & Crispy Home Fries
Rating: Unrated 111
In order to get a crispy crust like the fries at your local diner you need to precook and cool them. When you pan fry a cold starch, it gets a beautifully crispy surface.
The Denver Omelet
Rating: Unrated 61
Classic egg omelet with bell peppers, caramelized ham, onions, and cheese.
Classic Hash Browns
Rating: Unrated 345
These classic diner-style hash browns are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
Chef John's Chocolate Granola
Rating: Unrated 22
Don't be deceived by its indulgent, chocolaty flavor--this granola contains less sugar than most. Introducing cocoa into the mix not only makes it delicious, but it also makes it better for you! Possibly... The point is this really tastes great, with a pronounced chocolate flavor, and would make a wonderful treat for chocolate lovers and hippies alike.
Turkish Eggs (Cilbir)
Rating: Unrated 51
"I would never have thought to pair yogurt with poached eggs and a spicy red pepper butter, but it might be my new favorite breakfast now." – Chef John
Apple Crumble Coffee Cake
Rating: Unrated 94
Finally, after all these years, I've come up with a solution for people who can't decide whether to make an apple crumble or coffee cake. This features the best things about both of those recipes. It's like baking a crumb-topped coffee cake on top of another coffee cake!
Chef John's Classic Potato Pancakes
Rating: Unrated 53
The one and only way to not get perfectly crispy potato pancakes is to not squeeze them properly. More than half the procedure was dedicated to grating, soaking, draining, and squeezing the potatoes. If you don't thoroughly squeeze all the liquid from the potatoes, the pancakes just won't crisp up as well. Top with thinly sliced smoked salmon, sour cream, and fresh dill.
Beet-Cured Salmon Gravlax
Rating: Unrated 7
Making salmon gravlax at home is a fun weekend project, and with very little effort, you can produce some gorgeous results that will amaze even your hardest-to-impress foodie friend. I've always done this with the traditional fresh dill sprigs, but after enjoying a beet-stained version at Plaj in San Francisco, I decided to try my hand. And, also stain my hand.

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