Biscuit Recipes

Tasty, fluffy biscuits are minutes away with these classic recipes.

Staff Picks

Chef John's Sweet Potato Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
This would be a great way to use leftover Thanksgiving sweet potatoes, but they're even better right on that holiday table with the rest of the feast. By forming and folding dough, we develop beautifully buttery layers and avoid overmixing. These were delicious with the pomegranate spread.

Cast Iron Buttermilk Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
Experimentation and a need for more biscuits per batch led me to what we think are the best biscuits anywhere! For optimum flavor, these must be baked in hot, buttered cast iron skillets. They are great for breakfast with gravy or jellies. Also excellent with beef stew for dinner. My husband likes the leftover biscuits even better. He breaks them open on a plate and smothers them with molasses.

Fluffy Sour Cream Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
Fluffy and delicious.

Garlic-Herb Butter Drop Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
Excellent drop biscuits made with lots of real butter, garlic, and herbs!

Cinnamon-Raisin Yogurt Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
This recipe was given to me by a friend and they are amazing! Think half cinnamon roll, half biscuit, and wholly delicious!


Rating: Unrated
I saw these being made on a cooking show on PBS they are very tender and buttery. You can freeze in muffin tins and pop in oven when needed.

Basic Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
This is a basic biscuit recipe with baking powder used as the leavening. They're easy to make and go with almost any meal.

Chef John's Buttermilk Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
This deceptively simple recipe can come out a million different ways with some very minor variations on the ingredients and amounts. This one's my favorite - flaky, but not dry; chewy, but not tough; crisp in just the right spots.

Red Lobster® Cheddar Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
I made these with baked potato soup and loved it. Great addition! I gave them to a friend and he said they tasted just like the ones at Red Lobster®. The recipe will yield more if made into smaller biscuits. They are best served fresh out of the oven.

Butter Swim Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
These biscuits are literally swimming in butter prior to baking, hence the name. No need to butter them since they are buttery and fluffy. Perfect for breakfast or for dinner. Great use of pantry items during this stay-at-home order during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
These biscuits are cheesy and rich, and fairly close to the ones a famous seafood restaurant chain serves.

Easy Mayonnaise Biscuits

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is amazing.

Inspiration and Ideas

Greg's Southern Biscuits

"Light and fluffy, and the closest thing I've found to my grandmother's biscuits." – GregWmson

Tips for Baking Biscuits

Making great biscuits is easy. It's really all about the technique.

Sour Cream Biscuits

Rating: Unrated

These biscuits are light and fluffy. Delicious!