100+ Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes

Stuff chicken breasts with your favorite fillings with one of our wonderful chicken breast recipes.

Staff Picks

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast

Rating: 4.16 stars
This is a great dish for the fall. Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Newtown Pippin, Rome Beauty and/or Winesap apples may be used.

Chicken Texas Style

Rating: 4.39 stars
This chicken can be spicy or mild but whichever way you choose it is definitely born in Texas! Add avocado, black olives or pico de gallo to the inside of the breasts for variation. For milder tastes, remove seeds from jalapenos.

Stuffed Tomato Basil Chicken

Rating: 4.6 stars
This recipe is a great twist to everyday chicken. I was bored one afternoon and came up with this idea for dinner! This recipe can be reduced in fat by omitting the cheese and bacon.

Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken

Rating: 4.09 stars
Cajun-seasoned chicken breast stuffed with a cottage cheese and spinach mixture, then baked in butter. Serve with tossed salad, if desired.

Stuffed Chicken Valentino

Rating: 4.47 stars
This is a dish to serve guests--be ready to impress! Good enough to be served at a high-priced restaurant, but easy enough to make yourself. Creamy mozzarella and roasted red peppers make the dish really special. Serve over pasta with Alfredo sauce.

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Perfection

Rating: 4.64 stars
What's not to love about anything with feta, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms in it? The best thing about these is that they are easily prepared a day ahead or frozen and eaten later. These are perfect to have for company along with a nice salad and the Chocolate Lava Cakes for dessert.

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

Rating: 4.45 stars
Boneless breasts of chicken stuffed with a Mediterranean cheese stuffing.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts in the Air Fryer

Rating: 5 stars
Boneless, skinless chicken breast, again? Amp up the flavor of your chicken with bacon! These are butterflied: either do it yourself or ask your butcher to do it for you. You can then stuff them with cheese and asparagus, wrap them up in a bacon blanket, and air fry! While they cook, toss a green salad, add a veggie or potato, and some bread, and you'll be enjoying your dinner in no time.

Garlic-Lemon Double Stuffed Chicken

Rating: 4.61 stars
Not your everyday chicken dish! Stuffed with Cheddar and cream cheeses, then drenched with a garlic-lemon-butter sauce, your friends and family will be begging you to make this recipe - believe me, I know!

Creolized Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Rating: 4.54 stars
Chicken breasts stuffed with a mixture of sausage, mushrooms, onion, garlic and blue cheese dressing; coated with Creole seasoning, seared and baked. These are great with sweet cornbread and your favorite style of rice!

Cream Cheese Chicken

Rating: 4.25 stars
A nice variation to chicken. Great for special occasions.

Feta Chicken

Rating: 4.45 stars
Chicken wrapped around tomato-basil feta cheese--simple, succulent, and sensational.

Inspiration and Ideas

Mushroom Melt Stuffed Chicken
Rating: Unrated
"Easy to prepare, looks great, and tastes delicious!" – Sophia
Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Rating: Unrated
"This was by far the best and easiest chicken recipe I have ever made." – Daniela

Chicken Cordon Bleu I

Rating: 4.61 stars

This entree is easy and delicious! It's one of my husband's favorites! Try to use the largest chicken breasts you can find so you'll be able to roll them easier.