Canned Tuna Recipes

Casseroles, sandwiches, appetizers and more! See everything you can do with that can of tuna.

Staff Picks

Spicy Tuna Fish Cakes

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Who needs crab and a deep fryer to enjoy these tasty delights? Tuna works great and a light pan searing does the job of cooking up this tasty treat without all the fat! Serve with hot sauce or mayonnaise.

Herbal Tuna Salad

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A new and exciting way to dress up your standard tuna salad. Serve as an appetizer with rich crackers or with a lettuce leaf and melba toast.

Best Tuna Melt (New Jersey Diner Style)

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If you order a tuna melt in a New Jersey diner, you'll get something very similar to this! My method of topping the tuna salad with cheese FIRST, then tomato and more cheese, keeps the toppings from sliding off the bread.

Tuna Zucchini Elbow Pasta

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This simple pasta dish with tuna and zucchini is incredibly delicious and so easy! It's not fancy, it's just dinner.
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Campbell's® Tuna Noodle Casserole

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Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup flavors a creamy sauce that is mixed with tuna, egg noodles and peas, topped with a crunchy bread crumb topping and baked to perfection.
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Easy Tuna Patties

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These patties are great dipped in ketchup, mustard, or hot sauce. They are also great as a sandwich.

Quick and Easy Tuna Casserole

Rating: Unrated
Quick and Easy Tuna Casserole is perfect for the busy mom!

Simple Tuna Melts

Rating: Unrated
This is a simple, less rich, but very tasty recipe for tuna melts. It's the only tuna melt I make and my husband is a convert from the traditional kind to mine!

Easy Tuna Casserole

Rating: Unrated
Tuna, macaroni, creamy soup, cheese and fried onions are all you need to make this super easy tuna casserole that I learned from my roommate. It's great as leftovers, too.

How to Make a Tuna Melt

Rating: Unrated
This is dedicated to all those chefs who tell you to never, ever mix fish and cheese together; and yet there they are, at the diner at 2:00 in the morning. And you know what they eat? Tuna melts. And the reason they do is because it is delicious.
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Tuna Noodle Casserole from Scratch

Rating: Unrated
No canned soup mix in this recipe! Mushrooms, onions, celery, and peas all go into this comfort casserole.

Barbie's Tuna Salad

Rating: Unrated
This is a really great tuna salad recipe I got from a friend who used it in her catering service business many years ago. The secret ingredients are the curry and Parmesan cheese! Odd combinations but this makes a terrific tuna sandwich! She used it for an appetizer with gourmet crackers and people always wanted her recipe. I have never tasted another tuna salad quite like this one, and it has been my favorite recipe for tuna salad for many, many years.

Inspiration and Ideas

Tuna, Avocado and Bacon Sandwich

"My husband said this was one of the best tuna sandwiches he has ever had! I did melt the cheese on top." – Whitney

Easy Tuna Casserole

"Very good. I used what I had on hand—colby-jack cheese instead of cheddar. I also added black pepper and green peas. My husband and I loved it!" – kendra.regaldo

Tuna Noodle Casserole I

Rating: Unrated

This is easy, filling, and can be quick if you omit the baking step, which I often do.