Chinese Appetizer Recipes

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Staff Picks

Chef John's Shrimp Toast

Rating: Unrated
While virtually unknown compared to most other popular fried party snacks, these shrimp toasts are easy to make and every bit as delicious, and addictive, as those Buffalo wings or jalapeño poppers.
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Authentic Chinese Egg Rolls (from a Chinese person)

Rating: Unrated
My mom is the best cook ever and I am a picky eater. If I like this, then you will. This is very authentic because my family is Chinese and I am too. This recipe is at least 300 years old in the Ling family.

Pork Dumplings

Rating: Unrated
These tasty treats make a perfect appetizer or you can serve them as a main dish. For a main dish count on about 15 dumplings per person. Serve with hoisin sauce, hot Chinese-style mustard and toasted sesame seeds.

Mom's Wonton

Rating: Unrated
I recently learned to make homemade won tons from my mother. They can be deep fried as an appetizer, but I prefer them in a rich, homemade chicken broth with baby bok choy or other leafy greens. Extras will freeze well for later enjoyment.

Taiwanese Dumplings

Rating: Unrated
A potsticker recipe direct from a Taiwanese friend.

Pot Stickers Traditional

Rating: Unrated
This traditional recipe is from the area of Northern China. Wonton wrappers are stuffed with finely chopped vegetables and pork, then fried and served with a spicy dipping sauce.
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Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce

Rating: Unrated
This is the best I've made. It tastes like the ones I have tried at Chinese restaurants.

Beefy Chinese Dumplings

Rating: Unrated
This is a delicious meat and veggie dumpling recipe that my mom has been making ever since I can remember. It may take some time and practice when it comes to making these, but it's well worth it. Just boil them in water, and serve hot with soy sauce, or add them to a soup.

Perfect Pot Stickers

Rating: Unrated
Homemade pot stickers are so versatile--you can fill them with anything you want and as full as you want. And the play between the crispy, crusty bottom, and the tender parts, makes for a truly unique dumpling. These are filled with ground pork, green onions, ginger, and cabbage.
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Chinese Chicken Wings

Rating: Unrated
My late mother's recipe for chicken wings for potlucks. Now I am asked to bring this dish to parties.

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs

Rating: Unrated
One of my favorite dishes when I head back home; it combines hard-boiled eggs with the subtle flavor of anise and the deep brown hues of black tea and soy. The cracked patterns from the broken shells make these quite attractive! I eat these sliced in quarters and chilled as a side dish, appetizer, or snack. Recipe courtesy of Mom.

Daddy's Shrimp Toast

Rating: Unrated
My father made this for me while experimenting in the kitchen. It was absolutely the most delicious way to use shrimp. I think I've gotten pretty good at making this dish but it still doesn't compare to my father's! Don't be fooled by the ingredients. Most are optional and this is easy to make! Great for parties as appetizers or a main dish.

Inspiration and Ideas

Pan-Fried Chinese Pancakes

"This particular recipe was passed down through my mother's family, and brings back many good, yummy memories! Serve with your favorite Chinese sauce." – Jade

Cindi's Egg Rolls

"Fantastic. I made half with the ground pork and the other half vegan with tofu. I also added a handful of fresh bean sprouts. They came out so fresh-tasting!" – Prius4ever

Szechuan Edamame (Soy Beans)

Rating: Unrated

This is a fantastic and healthy protein-packed snack. Replace potato chips with this fast and delicious recipe! Serve warm.