Baked Trout Recipes

Sometimes there's nothing like a baked trout, fillet or whole, foil or not. Try one of 20 baked trout recipes, seasoned with anything from wasabi to butternut squash.

Staff Picks

Fish in Foil

Rating: Unrated
The 'no smell' fish recipe that is the ONLY one I make for my family (I hate fish, they LOVE it!). Take foil packets to table for service, and keep them around for the discarding of bones and skin. Then when dinner's done, haul those babies to the outside trash.

Baked Fresh Rainbow Trout

Rating: Unrated
Very easy and tasty recipe I invented one day with ingredients on hand, for fresh rainbow trout (farmed or wild) that my family loves. It takes very little time and is much lighter than ocean fish. I use whole fish you can buy already gutted from the supermarket, with heads and tails still on. Make sure you pick trout that are really, really fresh. I find the dish doesn't even need lemon slices but you can use them if you like. The key is to remember to add the water to the dish as instructed in directions, which keeps fish from drying out. Serve with rice and veggies. Light and delicious. Be careful of bones! Make sure to add hot water to the dish; cold water can crack the baking dish.

Steelhead Trout Bake with Dijon Mustard

Rating: Unrated
This is really yummy - not overpoweringly mustardy! And, after all, any recipe that begins with white wine has to be good! It's not oily or buttery or anything. I've made it with salmon, and it's equally tasty.

Pecan-Crusted Trout

Rating: Unrated
Freshwater trout coated in a delicious crunchy pecan coating. Serve this with a savory brandy or lemon-butter sauce.

Speckled Trout in Capers and White Wine

Rating: Unrated
Speckled trout baked in a white wine-capers sauce. This recipe will work with trout, grouper, or any solid white fish. So easy and delicious. Serve with corn, mixed vegetables, or glazed carrots and broccoli.

Baked Trout Fillets

Rating: Unrated
Easy and delicious trout fillets!

Honey Steelhead Trout

Rating: Unrated
Yummy honey baked salmon. Sooo good!

Baked Fish Croquettes

Rating: Unrated
These are delicate and soft fish croquette with a light crisp coating. I have used this recipe for leftover baked or broiled fish like salmon, steelhead trout, or other fish.

Rainbow Trout with Buttery Lemon-Caper Cream Sauce

I'm an amateur cook who likes to experiment. I made this rainbow trout recipe up along with my 12-year-old son who is finding his own love for cooking. It's special to me because we did that, together, in our kitchen: father and son time. I serve it on sauteed spinach and potatoes. It is my very own recipe.

Allison's Trout

Rating: Unrated
This year I learned to not only catch my own fish, but to clean, cook and eat them as well. Thrilling. This recipe is my recreation of a dish that was made by a man named Botsy, years ago, in the Rocky Mountains. It's delicious and enhances fresh trout without overpowering it. These could also be prepared in foil packets on a camping trip over an open fire. Although we camp, I don't often include a bottle of sherry in my kitchen box. When you add the sherry, pour a glass for yourself.

Baked Trout Saratoga

Rating: Unrated
A simple preparation with extraordinary results - trout baked with tomatoes, parsley, and garlic is prepared in minutes.

Herb-Stuffed Baked Trout

Rating: Unrated
This is a lovely aromatic dish of trout, baked whole with fresh herbs and lemon slices. You can use whatever herbs you like but fresh dill, parsley, and rosemary work well.

Inspiration and Ideas

Krazy Garlic Trout

Rating: Unrated
Garlic trout with lemon and onion. Use as much garlic as you like!

Trota Alle Erbette (Trout with Herbs)

A dish that is tasty and easy to prepare. Salmon fillets can be substituted for the trout.

Greggae's Bacon Trout

Rating: Unrated

I took my 3-year-old fishing for the first time and we caught two trout. I never made trout before. I literally made this recipe up as I went, with what I found in the kitchen. I checked other recipes to get cooking times. I went a little longer on the cooking time because of the bacon. I'm only posting this because the entire family loved it.