Fava Bean Recipes

Fava beans, or broad beans, are great fried, steamed or even raw. Find your favorite fava bean recipe with over 30 recipes to choose from.

Staff Picks

Ta'ameya (Egyptian Falafel)

Rating: 4.3 stars
Falafel, or ta'ameya as we call it in Egypt, is an all-time favorite street food. In most parts of the Middle East, falafel is made with ground chickpeas. However, in Egypt, we make it with dried fava beans. They are best served with pita bread, tomato, onions, and tahini sauce.

Jamaican Oxtail with Broad Beans

Rating: 4.63 stars
This is a traditional Jamaican dish I was taught to cook by my grandmother.

Vegetarian Pumpkin Spinach Chili

Rating: 3.9 stars
This easy chili is unique and delicious. It has the added bonuses of iron, vitamin A, and protein. It's also completely vegetarian!

Portuguese Favas

Rating: 4.46 stars
Fava beans with a Portuguese style sauce.

Best Falafel

Rating: 5 stars
Sure, you can make falafel from a mix but frankly, it's a far cry from authentic falafel. This is the best falafel recipe I know of. You can find dried fava beans in Middle Eastern grocery stores and some supermarkets. Serve with pita bread, tahini sauce, lettuce, and other chopped vegetables.

Lebanese Bean Salad

Rating: 4.69 stars
Quick, easy, and tasty. Can be used as a side dish or a snack on it's own. Great as a salad topper. Good with sea salt kettle chips, or toast.

Persian Sabzi Polo (Herb Rice with Fava Beans)

Rating: 4.23 stars
This is a Persian dish which I often make for my husband. It will taste much better if you use fresh herbs. It also goes very well with either fish or chicken. Hope you like it.

Swordfish Calabrian-Style

Rating: 4.16 stars
This is a typical dish of southern Italy. Swordfish is marinated in a lemon and oil mixture, then fried and cooked with fava (broad) beans and white wine.

Fava Bean Salad

Rating: 4.47 stars
You can prepare this flavorful fava bean salad made with tomatoes, onion, and cucumber tossed with fresh parsley, lemon juice and olive oil in minutes. Makes a great, simple, side dish for traditional Middle Eastern meals.

Fava Bean Breakfast Spread

Rating: 4.6 stars
A deliciously seasoned fava bean, onion, and tomato dip recipe! Traditionally served with pita bread for breakfast in Egypt.

Portuguese Fava Bean Stew

Rating: 4.62 stars
I always loved fava beans stewed Portuguese style. But there is always something missing from the recipes I have. I adjusted the spices and added some chourico, a Portuguese sausage similar to linguica or chorizo. I think this version makes a great dish. Make sure you have plenty of crusty bread for dipping in the sauce!

Portuguese Chourico, Beans, and Rice

Rating: 4.43 stars
I grew up on chourico, and this dish is a Portuguese comfort food that my mom always made. I took it upon myself to replicate it with a bit more kick, but even with the changes, it reminds me of being a kid. It's such a warm and satisfying dish.

Inspiration and Ideas

Green Risotto with Fava Beans
Rating: Unrated
I can't stress enough how much better this is if it is stirred constantly. If one arm gets tired, switch arms. Taste the rice for doneness before serving. Nothing worse than a plate of crunchy risotto. Try it, and you will find it is well worth it!
Jacy's Middle-Eastern Fava Bean Stew
Rating: Unrated
This is called 'Middle-Eastern' fava bean stew and not 'Moroccan' because I have also borrowed flavors from my Lebanese roots. This stew came to me on a Saturday afternoon when we were desperately low on groceries and had no meat in the freezer. The first time my carnivorous partner tried it, he honestly thought it contained meat. I have made this many times, and he devours it with relish! To make this dish completely vegetarian/vegan, omit the anchovies. Serve with steamed basmati rice, couscous or bulgur.

Middle Eastern Bean Dip (Foul Mudammas)

Rating: 4.44 stars

My best friend is Syrian and taught me to make this. It is often eaten for breakfast, but I like to make it for dinner. It is vegan and great for fasting periods. If you cannot find fava beans, check a middle eastern market. Add more lemon juice if you like it bitter! Serve with pita bread. It's also great with Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and lemon wedges.