Fry Bread Taco Recipes

Whether you call them Indian fry bread tacos or Navajo tacos, find easy recipes for this Native American-inspired dish filled with beef, cheese, and more.

Staff Picks

Favorite Fry Bread Tacos

Rating: 4.18 stars
A favorite at Aboriginal Pow Wows all summer long.

Fry Bread Tacos II

Rating: 4.6 stars
A yummy twist to an old favorite. The fry bread makes the difference. It's a popular request at my house. I do up everything but the fry bread in advance, and just heat up before serving. You can also top with other of your favorite taco toppings, such as onion, sour cream, or guacamole. Leftover fry bread can be used as dessert - coat it with cinnamon and sugar, and drizzle with honey.

Fry Bread Tacos with Spicy Shredded Beef

Rating: 5 stars
A delicious take on the traditional taco. A light, fluffy fried bread complete with fresh refried beans, shredded spicy beef, and toppings like shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. Most of the cooking time is from using the slow cooker. It only takes 30 minutes from frying the bread to serving this wonderful meal.

Indian Tacos with Yeast Fry Bread

Rating: 4.63 stars
My cousins grew up on a reservation in South Dakota, and this is how we always made our fry bread (with yeast).

Navajo Tacos

Rating: 4.86 stars
A traditional Indian fry bread topped with a chili-style meat and bean mixture and taco-type toppings like shredded Cheddar cheese, chopped lettuce, and sour cream. A family favorite. Serve the leftovers as dessert with honey, butter, or sugar and cinnamon.

Oklahoma Indian Tacos

Rating: 4.76 stars
We used to get these at county fairs in Oklahoma when I was growing up! So good! A delicious chili mixture served on top of out-of-this-world fried bread and trimmed with all your favorite taco trimmings, like shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, black olives, and salsa.

Mom's Navajo Tacos

Rating: 4 stars
This hearty recipe was handed down from my mother, with a few modifications. Enjoy!

Indian Taco

Rating: 3 stars
This recipe is one that I have been making for many years, and my family loves it. Bannock is a fried flatbread that is great with anything, try different toppings and see what you get. Serve with your choice of sides, such as sour cream or guacamole.

Indian Tacos Deluxe

Rating: 4 stars
Tasty and flavorful. A yummy chili on a soft moist fry bread topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream.

Fry Bread Tacos I

Rating: 4 stars
I grew up on these tacos and thought they were a staple in all households. I also make these with chorizo and add diced cooked potatoes sprinkled with chili powder. My mom used her own flour recipe for the dough but I like this way because it's much quicker!! There is some prep time, but well worth it.

Inspiration and Ideas

Navajo Tacos
"A traditional Indian fry bread topped with a chili-style meat and bean mixture and taco-type toppings. A family favorite." – IMATECHGIRL
Indian Tacos
"Great recipe! I [used] wax paper and flour to make the dough discs. And I doubled the amounts for the dough; it turned out perfect." – Kristal