Taco Recipes

From fry bread tacos to Korean BBQ tacos, you'll find dozens of recipes for fusion tacos, as well as plenty of the classics.

Staff Picks

Instant Pot® Tacos al Pastor

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While traditional al pastor meat is cooked on a spit, this flavorful variation is made using your Instant Pot® or multi-cooker pressure cooker after marinating. The result is a fall-apart tender, flavor-infused pork taco that your family will request again and again.

Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos

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Spicy, tangy, sweet, this recipe for steak tacos brings all the flavors to the table.

Jackfruit Vegan Tacos

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Jackfruit is a great vegan alternative to shredded chicken to use in tacos. These jackfruit tacos are delicious and vegan! Choose your favorite taco toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, cilantro, avocado, vegan cheese, and vegan sour cream.

Easy Keto Beef Tacos

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Plan a low-carb taco night with these irresistible, keto-friendly beef tacos made with cheese taco shells, avocados, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Zesty Carnitas Tacos

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Lime juice in the crema give these tacos a good zing!

Simple Slow-Cooked Korean Beef Soft Tacos

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This recipe was handed down to me by a Korean friend. So full of flavor! I wanted to share it with you all. I did tweak it a little to add more spice. Feel free to tweak it yourself!

Cameron's Ground Turkey Salsa Ranchera for Tacos and Burritos

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It doesn't get much easier than this -- lean ground turkey and salsa ranchera combined and made in a pressure cooker such as Instant Pot®. Perfect for tacos, burritos, or even a taco salad.

Best Fish Tacos

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Fast and easy, delicious fish tacos -- simply the best! When I have extra time, I like to add just a little cilantro, red onion, tomato, and avocado on top of mine with the lettuce, tomato, and crema!

Ground Turkey Taco Meat

Rating: Unrated
This recipe has fewer calories because of the ground turkey and amazing flavor! It is a little spicy, but our family enjoys it this way. Because it has so much flavor, you cannot even tell it's not ground beef. It tastes great as a topping on baked potatoes as well as tacos. Enjoy!

Fish Tacos

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I'm from San Diego and these taste just like home! We live in the south now, and nobody has heard of these! Serve with homemade pico de gallo, and lime wedges to squeeze on top!

Sarah's Easy Shredded Chicken Taco Filling

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I put this together one day, wanting tacos, but I did not want ground beef. It is fast to make, as no slow cooker is needed. Serve warmed as a substitute for ground beef in tacos, and serve in a taco shell, with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, or other favorite toppings.

Chicken Wonton Tacos

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Light and tasty, these make a great appetizer or a quick and easy main dish! Kids love them! Finally a dish that makes use of ground chicken but not so far-fetched. I bake the wonton wrappers to save time and it eliminates most of the fat. Although time-consuming, you can fry wrappers in sesame or olive oil for the extra flaky shells, folded in a triangle for about 1 minute on each side. I loved the ones at Applebee's® and decided to attempt a home version. I was extremely pleased with the healthier version! Top tacos with cilantro, red onion, or sweet onion, if desired. Serve lime wedges on the side.

Inspiration and Ideas

Barbacoa-Style Shredded Beef

"Holy tacos! Used a regular crockpot to make this recipe... easy to toss together. Meat was tender, juicy and had just enough kick to it." – Karol

Air Fryer Oven Taco Shells

I do not care for the premade taco shells sold at the supermarket. So I developed this recipe in my Cuisinart® Air Fryer Oven. These taco shells are crispy, golden brown, and ready to be stuffed with your favorite fillings. The best part is they are oil free and greaseless.