Baked Tilapia Recipes

Find over 50 recipes for easy, oven baked tilapia fillets for a healthy meal.

Staff Picks

Easy Baked Tilapia

Rating: 4.5 stars
This easy recipe for tilapia only takes a few minutes to prepare, uses few ingredients, and is flavorful.

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia Fillets

Rating: 4.56 stars
This recipe is quick and easy with plenty of flavor! Even my husband (who doesn't like fish that much) went back for seconds! Works well in low-carb diets.

Lemon Garlic Tilapia

Rating: 4.36 stars
This is a delicious and healthy recipe that takes no time at all to make. You can bake it or even grill it. Tastes great either way!
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Healthy Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

Healthy fish tacos, almost too pretty to eat... but do it! Add some shredded cheese or extra peppers if you like.

Hudson's Baked Tilapia with Dill Sauce

Rating: 4.54 stars
Baked tilapia seasoned with Cajun and citrus served with a creamy sauce of fresh dill and lemon.

Baked Parmesan Tilapia

Rating: 4.57 stars
A quick and yummy way to prepare crispy tilapia the whole family will love, without frying. I get asked to make this several times a week by everyone in my family, especially the kids!

Baked Tilapia in Garlic and Olive Oil

Rating: 3.93 stars
Baked tilapia, marinated in garlic and olive oil. If you prefer to grill, get your grill hot and put the fish on aluminum foil; grill until desired doneness is reached.

Tilapia Scampi

Rating: 4.26 stars
My husband and I love shrimp scampi. Since tilapia is usually cheaper than shrimp at the store, I concocted this easy recipe to enjoy the flavor of scampi at the price of tilapia!

Honey Soy Tilapia

Rating: 4.18 stars
Easy tilapia recipe that my husband just loves.

Easy Baked Fish with Lemon

Rating: 4.69 stars
Very good fish recipe! You can use any kind of fish fillet for this.

Crunchy Oven Fried Tilapia

Rating: 3.92 stars
This fish tastes so close to being fried without all the fat and calories!

Garlic Alfredo Tilapia

Rating: 4.64 stars
My version of Ruby Tuesday's New Orleans Seafood, minus the shrimp. I merged a few different recipes and came up with this. It comes pretty close! Three fillets are usually enough for my husband, my toddler, and myself. I serve this with rice and steamed broccoli, to really feel like Ruby Tuesday's recipe!

Inspiration and Ideas

Baked Parmesan Tilapia
A crunchy coating is all you need to take tilapia to the next level.
Summertime Tilapia
"This was AWESOME and I will make this over and over again (especially the sauce!)." – almondnut

Moroccan Shabbat Fish

Rating: 4.23 stars

Every Shabbat my mother-in-law makes this fish. I've modified it since the fish she uses in Israel isn't available in the Midwest. When you smell this fish cooking, you know it's Shabbat! Serve this with lots of Challah to soak up the yummy juice!