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Allrecipes has more than 18 recipes for cream fillings including pastry cream, faux-reo, lady lock and creme fillings.

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Whipped Cream

Rating: 4.62 stars
How to make basic whipped cream. For best results make sure whisk and bowl are ice cold.

Holland Cream (White Cream Filling)

Rating: 4.41 stars
This is the white cream filling used in Smear Faces, Cream Horns, etc. I have looked forever for the Holland cream recipe for donuts. I have never had any luck. I have worked on this recipe for a long time. I use this in my donuts at my cake shop.
By Anonymous

Easy Custard Cake Filling

Rating: 4.74 stars
Use this delicious filling to fill cupcakes or your favorite layer cake. The microwave makes it fool-proof! Use different extracts to vary the flavor; almond and mint are both really good.

Easy Whipped Cream

Rating: 4.55 stars
Better than the whipped cream that comes in the squirty canisters! Spread on crepes, fruits, pies or your favorite desserts.

Whipped Cream Filling

Rating: 4.54 stars
Sweetened whipped cream filling. Use to fill cakes, pastries, and pies. Also can use extracts to flavor whipping cream. Gelatin must be warm when added to whipping cream. Recipe can be doubled.

French Cream Filling

Rating: 3.68 stars
I use this filling for cream puffs and eclairs. It's so light and fluffy and absolutely decadent.

Raspberry Mousse

Rating: 4.83 stars
I make this raspberry mousse every year when raspberries are in season. You want to use ripe and sweet berries. Adjust sugar amount accordingly.

Old English Cream Pie Filling

Rating: 4.68 stars
Makes excellent banana, coconut, or chocolate cream pie. This was given to me by a friend many years ago. For banana slice a layer of bananas in pie pan then fill half full with filling add more bananas then rest of filling. For chocolate, add 2 squares semi-sweet chocolate to hot milk and an additional 1/2 cup sugar. Good just to eat as pudding.

Creme Filling I

Rating: 2.45 stars
Having worked in two donut shops in Massachusetts, I now know the reason why filled donuts are often referred to as "creme" filled is because the closest they've come to real cream is what's in the coffee they're eaten with. Fillings made with real cream are highly perishable and have the potential for causing food poisoning. In a nice restaurant where desserts are made-to-order, you would probably get a real cream filling, but not in a donut shop or run-of-the-mill bakery, especially a chain. This is what we put in the "cream" filled donuts, and people just raved about them.

Fluffy White Filling

Rating: 3.67 stars
This fluffy white filling is made with butter, shortening and evaporated milk.

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Rating: 4 stars
Thick, heavenly, and quick homemade whipped cream. The lemon adds a hint of light citrus, the vanilla warms and enriches the typically too-sugary treat. By adding these 2 ingredients, I cut the sugar in half! Great for French toast, fruit dip, and desserts, or as a base for more elaborate recipes that use cream.

Lady Lock Filling I

Rating: 3.91 stars
Sweet and gooey, a perfect filling to sandwich between cookies.

Inspiration and Ideas

Holland Cream (White Cream Filling)
"I've been looking for this for years. I recently bought cream horn forms and made the pastry horns, filling it with this wonderful fluff. Heavenly!" – SpycGyrl
Chef John's Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream
See how to make this filling for cream puffs, Napoleons, cakes, and pies.

Lemon Pastry Cream

Rating: 5 stars

Easy lemon custard pastry cream for lemon tartlets.