Christmas Cupcake Recipes

Looking to make some festive Christmas cupcakes? Allrecipes has over 30 recipes for Christmas cupcakes along with cute and easy ideas for decorating them!

Staff Picks

Christmas Santa Cupcakes

Rating: 5 stars
My kids loved these cute cupcakes decorated as little Santas for Christmas. They are really easy to decorate and you can get your kids to help you.

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Rating: 4.27 stars
A wonderful change of pace for the holiday season. Moist and spicy cake balanced by creamy, soft frosting.

Nutmeg Cake

Rating: 4.39 stars
This is not that common of a cake, but it sure is good.

Hazelnut Truffle Cupcakes

Rating: 3.5 stars
Really decadent little chocolate cupcakes, with hazelnut truffles baked right in them and frosted with Nutella®!

Santa Hat Cupcakes

This is a fun Christmas cupcake recipe to make with the kids and is supremely easy if you start with store-bought ingredients. I am describing 3 different ways for making the Santa hats. Choose one (and triple the needed ingredients) or decorate them in different ways.

Mini Christmas Cakes

This recipe makes enough for 24 luxurious mini fruitcakes. They make a thoughtful Christmas gift for neighbors, work colleagues or teachers, or as part of a gift basket. You can decorate them differently by making one for each family member which makes it a lot more fun.

Snowman Cupcakes

These adorable snowman cupcakes are the perfect decoration for your Christmas table or great treats to serve during Advent.

Mini Cheesecakes

Rating: 4.64 stars
These aren't done with graham wafers, but with vanilla wafer cookies. They are fast, easy and excellent! Top with your favorite fruit pie filling.

Mini Cheesecakes with Vanilla Wafers

Rating: 4.65 stars
Easy and so good for holidays, weddings, or whatever the occasion!

Simple 'N' Delicious Chocolate Cake

Rating: 4.68 stars
A very simple to make chocolate cake that I developed while trying to combine my chocolate and coffee cravings. It tastes so good no one will believe how easy it was! (It can be frosted with chocolate or coffee icing but I like it plain.)

Pecan Pie Cupcakes

Rating: 4.89 stars
If you like pecan pie, you'll love these cupcakes!

Chef John's Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rating: 4.41 stars
Who doesn't love a nice red velvet cake in cupcake form? They're moist, not too sweet, and they've got a gorgeous color. Serve these spread with cream cheese frosting.

Inspiration and Ideas

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Rating: Unrated
Follow these tips to decorate prepared cupcakes with frosting Christmas trees. It's a great project with kids—they'll love adding the "ornaments".

Peppermint Cupcakes

Rating: Unrated
"Top cupcakes with crushed peppermint sticks." – Bobbie Susan

Ghirardelli Mini Gingerbread-Chocolate Chip Cupcakes With Molasses Buttercream

Rating: 5 stars

The perfect holiday marriage of gingerbread and chocolate, these versatile treats can be made full size or in miniature for easy gifting. Showcase your baking skills by learning how to top with chocolate 'trees.' While piping the trees may take a little practice, they really take the festive component over the top. And no worries if you mess up; simply try again by re-melting the chocolate chips.