Swai Recipes

Swai, basa, sutchi fish, call it what you want. This fish is mild and light. Try your hand at baked swai or pan fried basa with these great recipes.

Staff Picks

Seasoned Swai Fish Fillet

Rating: 4.62 stars
I typically do not like fish. However, I love this one! It is light-tasting, and, in my opinion, does not have that 'fishy taste.' I serve this fish with English peas or green beans and wild rice or rice pilaf.

Pan-Fried Swai Fillets

Rating: 4.53 stars
My husband loves fish. Since I am allergic, I don't partake. Swai was on sale at the grocery so we picked some up. Since he has never tried it before, I decided to cook it in a familiar way for him. He devoured it. I served this with honeyed carrots and fried yellow squash.

Sweet Dijon Basa Swai Fish (or a fish of your choice)

Rating: 4.11 stars
Did you know that Basa can be as little as $3.99 a pound at most grocery stores? Yup and this hidden treasure is the most delicious, tender, fish I have ever had. It goes well with all fish recipes and is a great substitute for expensive fish. This recipe was so good my family wanted it again the very next day! Its sweet and tangy and just down right delicious.

Oven Baked Swai

Rating: 4.83 stars
This is one of my favorite recipes for any kind of white fish.

Crispy Baked Basa

Rating: 4.36 stars
Basa is a new fish that is common in many markets here in Houston. It is a mild, tasty fish.

Easy Garlic Swai Fish

Rating: 4.27 stars
Low-fat, low-calorie, easy, and delish! Swai is also known as basa and is less expensive. It has a very mild flavor and is as close to chicken as fish can get - not fishy at all!

Easy Elegant Baked Fish

Rating: 4.68 stars
I use basa fish fillets. They are mild, sweet, firm-textured and can be dressed up with just about anything. There aren't many recipes for basa out there, so I created my own using my favorite flavors.

Swai Fish Tacos

Rating: 4.67 stars
Fantastic new recipe we discovered when we were looking for a way to use some swai we found on sale at the market. The fish is sturdy enough to hold up to sauteeing and really absorbs the flavors perfectly for a great fish taco!

Jamaican-Seasoned Sauteed Swai Fillets

Rating: 4.5 stars
I have made a lot of different kinds of fish in just about every way imaginable, but this might be my favorite. This is so easy and always delicious.

Parmesan-Crusted Swai Fish

Rating: 4.75 stars
The coconut oil gave it it great light taste! My husband said it was the best fish! You can use tilapia too, just cut down the cooking time as it's a much smaller fillet. The swai fillets was much bigger and 2 fed us both quite well! Serve with lemon.

Basa (Swai) Fish in Coconut Sauce

Rating: 4.68 stars
Basa is a mild white fish. This recipe is very quick to make. I serve it with a side of coconut rice to use up the rest of the coconut milk in the can and the fish is done before the rice finishes cooking.

Smothered Swai

Rating: 4.94 stars
In Northern New York we like our sharp Cheddar cheese. Other cheeses may work well too. This is great served with a pasta side dish or steamed veggies and a dinner roll.

Inspiration and Ideas

Suzy's Swai Meuniere (Swai in Lemon Butter Sauce)
Rating: Unrated
Swai is light, delicately flavored Asian fish widely available in the US, and very inexpensive. Traditionally this recipe is made with the much more expensive Dover sole, but swai is the perfect substitute for the budget-conscious gourmet. Bon appetite, mes amis!

Citrus White Fish

Rating: 4.18 stars

This recipe brings a light, citrus-y, Asian flavor and is super-easy and fast to make!