Chocolate Banana Bread Recipes

Find yummy recipes for chocolate banana bread complete with ratings, reviews, and baking tips.

Staff Picks

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread I

Rating: Unrated
This is the best banana bread I've ever made and was an instant hit with my family. The secret is using very, very ripe (almost black!) bananas and cake flour.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this whole wheat recipe that uses only 1 tablespoon of oil! Enjoy a low fat recipe that still tastes great.

Dark Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread with Greek Yogurt

Rating: Unrated
I created this recipe using my favorite parts of many different recipes. This bread isn't very sweet, so it's not for those who enjoy a sweeter bread. The chocolate throughout makes this a beautiful bread to entertain with.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread II

Rating: Unrated
This is a really rich, dessert bread. Great for quick breakfast or warm with butter as a dessert. The walnuts may be omitted if desired.

Chef John's Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
Banana bread is one of those things people rarely make on purpose, only when those last three bananas are almost black. This scrumptious banana-walnut loaf, spiked with dark chocolate chips, is so good you'll want to make it well before the bananas get to that condition.

Chocolate Fudge Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
Ooey, gooey, fudgy banana bread. Moist and dense...oh so delish.

Emily's Banana-Nut Mini Loaves with Chocolate Chips

Rating: Unrated
Mini loaves of banana bread with walnuts and chocolate chips.

Nutella® Banana Split Bread

Rating: Unrated
Banana bread with chocolate chips, Nutella® swirls, and caramel sauce.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
This peanut butter chocolate chip bread is a favorite of my kids, either for a special breakfast on Easter morning or a side dish brought to a fancy brunch. It is a very flexible recipe. You can use it for a plain banana bread, a peanut butter banana bread, or a chocolate chip banana bread. Great for Easter brunch!

Paleo Chocolate and Cinnamon Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
I have been baking with chocolate all week and this morning decided to make this banana bread. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I have to say ... Amazing! You really need to try this recipe! I'd better get down stairs to hide some before it is all gone.

Organic Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
I have been baking with Bob's Red Mill® organic whole wheat pastry flour for some time. I could never get my banana bread recipe right, until now. This is wonderful, easy, and best of all, I make it in my bread machine!

Gluten-Free Moist Choc Chip Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
Yeah, this is really moist and hard to tell it's gluten-free for sure! Perfect with coffee or as a dessert, this banana bread will melt in your mouth. Be sure to use mini chocolate chips, as the big ones just sink to the bottom while baking.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chocolate Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
"Each time I make this I am told, 'This is the BEST banana bread EVER', 'This is the moistest banana bread I have ever tasted', 'This bread is amazing!'" – (Mr.) Dana A.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Rating: Unrated
"Super amazing banana bread. Moist and tasty!" – iggytakahashi