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Staff Picks

Italian Recipes

Family Sicilian Sauce and Meatballs

Rating: Unrated
My mother's family originally came from Sicily and every family member makes his or her own version - this version came most recently via Brooklyn. If there are any leftovers, they freeze very well. MANGIA! Serve with red wine and a good loaf of crusty Italian bread.
Main Dish Clams

Firehouse Clam Bake New England Style

Rating: Unrated
Growing up along the Eastern seaboard in Rhode Island, seafood is a staple of the state! This is a wonderful recipe that is prepared right on the beach!! A lot of work, but well worth it! You'll have to collect a lot of stones and seaweed for this dish.
Italian Recipes

Sausage, Pepper, and Onion Sandwiches

Rating: Unrated
One of my favorite fair foods that I always looked forward to, until I learned how to make them myself. Serve on Italian hoagie rolls.

Anna's Amazing Easy Pleasy Meatballs over Buttered Noodles

Rating: Unrated
My friend Anna makes the most amazing and easy meatballs with gravy! Prepared in a slow cooker, this recipe couldn't be any easier! Serve over buttery hot cooked noodles and you'll have a happy crowd! Mangia!
Ground Lamb

Kofta Kebabs

Rating: Unrated
These kebabs have 6 different kinds of spices; the first time I smelled them I knew immediately that I had to find the recipe. The most affordable way to purchase the spices is in bulk at either a health food store or an Asian or Middle-Eastern market. They are very good! Serve with yogurt, flat bread, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
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Mexican Recipes

Beef Tamales

Rating: Unrated
These are just like the tamales my Abuelita used to make for special occasions. This recipe makes a lot, but if you're going to go to all the trouble of making tamales from scratch, you might as well have a party! You will need butchers' twine and a large pot with a steamer basket to make these. May be frozen up to 6 months in heavy-duty resealable plastic bags. To reheat, thaw in refrigerator and then steam or microwave until heated through.
Whole Ham

Bone-In Ham Cooked in Beer

Rating: Unrated
This is a recipe we have used for the past 5 years. The beer really tenderizes the ham. Using beer is probably a Wisconsin thing. We seem to find many uses for it. But don't worry, the ham will not taste like beer when it is done other than maybe a small hint on the bottom portions. I don't like beer at all, so I was quite skeptical at first, but when I found out that the ham I had at my friend's house for Christmas the year before had beer used to make it, I tried it and have been hooked ever since.
Ground Turkey

Homemade BBQ Meatballs

Rating: Unrated
Get out your biggest pot! This recipes makes tons of yummy bbq meatballs - perfect for a big gathering. I always get lots of requests for this one.
Whole Turkey

A Simply Perfect Roast Turkey

Rating: Unrated
Simple, perfect roast turkey just like grandma used to make. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and basted with turkey stock, the flavors of the turkey really stand out. Stuff with your favorite dressing.

Grape Jelly Meatballs

Rating: Unrated
Awesome meatballs! I buy my frozen cocktail meatballs at Costco®.

Wonton Wrappers

Rating: Unrated
For those of us who like to make EVERYTHING ourselves -- an original wonton wrapper recipe. Use the wonton wrappers to form tasty little dumplings stuffed with your favorite fillings.
Pot Roast

Instant Pot® Pot Roast

Rating: Unrated
A tasty family favorite cooked in the Instant Pot®, combining beef chuck, red potatoes, carrots, and herbs.

Inspiration and Ideas

Carnitas - Pressure Cooker

Five stars aren't enough for these crowd-pleasing carnitas. A pressure cooker makes this recipe even easier.

Wedding Gift Spaghetti Sauce

"My family loves this recipe. Makes plenty extra. Always a hit." – Danielle O.

Gramps' Venison Summer Sausage

Rating: Unrated

This recipe has been going around in our family for years. Each year around hunting season, my gramps would make this for all the hunters and family that were visiting for the season.