Filipino Soups and Stews Recipes

Sinagang, caldereta, and tinola are just a few of the traditional Filipino soup recipes you can find on

Staff Picks

Chicken Afritada (Filipino Stew)

Rating: 4.56 stars
This is a dish we make back in the Philippines. It's really delicious, and you can substitute pork for chicken or mix them both. Great over rice!

Pork Sinigang

Rating: 4.34 stars
Filipino soup cooked with pork. Serve with rice and for additional sauce, use soy or fish sauce. If you want to, you can add what Filipinos call gabi gabi, which is a small taro root. When peeled they look like potatoes. You can add 5 to 6 of them when you add the water and make sure they are cooked through. Take them out when they are cooked because they can get too soft.

Fish Sinigang (Tilapia) - Filipino Sour Broth Dish

Rating: 4.09 stars
A very simple and quick Filipino dish. This is a sour broth soup with tilapia fish fillets. The flavor is sour but it actually enhances your appetite. This is considered comfort food in my house.

Caldereta (Filipino Beef Stew)

Rating: 4 stars
A Filipino beef stew traditionally cooked with goat, but it's usually not available in most markets. You can get creative with this dish such as adding garbanzo beans, peas, and raisins. Optional: add 4 ounces of liver pate in place of tomato paste. Serve hot over a bed of rice.

Chicken Sotanghon

Rating: 4.84 stars
Use sotanghon (bean thread noodles) or bihon (thin rice noodles) in this Filipino dish. Both are equally delicious.

Filipino Steamed Rice, Cebu Style

Rating: 4 stars
One of my childhood favorites from my hometown, Cebu City, in the Phillipines. When finished, you can steam this dish on a steamer for 10 minutes to mimic the effect of a steamed dish like what they do in dim sum restaurants. I personally think it tastes just fine without steaming.

Beef Nilaga

Rating: 4 stars
This is another one-meal-in-a-pot dish. It contains soup, meat and vegetables all cooked together in one delicious broth. Terrific during cooler weather. Serve hot alone or with rice.

Sinigang na Isda sa Miso (Fish Stew with Miso)

Rating: 4 stars
This is a popular Filipino soup dish usually eaten for lunch with rice. Several variations of this soup dish abound in the Philippines. However, I suggest that the green chiles should never be excluded.

Paksiw na Pata (Pig's Feet Stew)

Rating: 4.69 stars
This pork dish is easy to prepare and is great for a busy homemaker. Serve hot over rice.

Mongo Guisado (Mung Bean Soup)

Rating: 4.54 stars
This is a hearty soup that's excellent to eat by itself or with rice. Mongo beans are also called mung or green beans. Malungay leaves are very nutritious, and the tree is sometimes called a horseradish tree; use them in place of the spinach if you can find them.

Filipino-Style Congee (Lugaw)

Rating: 3.5 stars
This one's for you. Filipinos' all-time favorite food.

Filipino Chicken Sopas

Rating: 5 stars
Creamy chicken macaroni soup - comfort Filipino food that transcends culture, time, and ages. It's made simply in one pot that I have adjusted to be able to add all ingredients as you go.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chicken Sotanghon
Rating: Unrated
"Use sotanghon (bean thread noodles) or bihon (thin rice noodles) in this dish. Both are equally delicious." – lola
Guinataan Sitar and Kalabasa
Rating: Unrated
"Sometimes I use butternut squash when I can't get calabash." – ManganTayun

Caldereta (Filipino Beef and Chorizo Stew)

Rating: 4.4 stars

Caldereta is a comforting beef stew popular in the Philippines. Every family has its own version. Experiment with the ingredients and try different vegetables. Best served with white rice!