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African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup

Rating: 4.29 stars
A delicious soup combining the tastes of sweet potatoes, peanuts, and tomatoes.

Nigerian Peanut Soup

Rating: 4.17 stars
I learned to make this for a few Nigerian friends.


Rating: 4.57 stars
This is the soup that Moroccans traditionally use to break the fast every night of Ramadan. Season with salt, pepper, mint leaves and cinnamon to taste.


Rating: 4.18 stars
This is one of my treasured recipes, it is wonderful on cold days. This recipe originates from somewhere in North Africa.

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

Rating: 4.69 stars
This recipe came to be as a way to use the kale that was flourishing in my garden. It could also incorporate all kinds of other vegetables - whatever is in your fridge that needs to be used. Serve over couscous.

Spicy African Yam Soup

Rating: 4.57 stars
An unusual combination of simple ingredients that render a spicy, tasty soup that's ready in less than 45 minutes!

Zimbabwean Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Rating: 4.63 stars
This hearty and delicious soup combines a wonderful variety of vegetables with peanut butter and a few red pepper flakes for unexpected flavors and just the right amount of kick.

Egusi Soup

Rating: 4.44 stars
This soup is native to West Africa (Nigeria) and many of my American as well as Nigerian friends have enjoyed it. It is a great soup for those who like to try something different every once in a while. Ground Egusi seeds give this soup a unique color and flavor. If you can't find Egusi seeds, you can substitute pumpkin seeds. Any combination of crab, shrimp and smoked fish can be used in place of the shrimp. Drained, smoked oysters and chicken can be used in place of the beef.

Make-Ahead Vegetarian Moroccan Stew

Rating: 4.59 stars
This delicious, healthy North African-inspired stew is a family favorite, served with warm bread or even over couscous. You can make the entire stew ahead of time, let it cool, and refrigerate it for up to 3 days or freeze it for several months. You can also chop the veggies and mix the spices ahead of time, freeze them, and assemble it with the canned ingredients the day you wish to cook it for a wonderful exotic meal in just 30 minutes.

West African Peanut Stew

Rating: 4.79 stars
A hearty stew that's super-easy to make and great for peanut butter lovers. Can be made vegetarian or with chicken. In a pinch, feel free to use vegetable or corn oil for peanut oil, powdered ginger for fresh, water for stock, etc. Kale works well in place of collard greens.

Slow Cooker Chicken Marrakesh

Rating: 4.19 stars
I have been making this Moroccan-style recipe for years. It's so easy to make, it has become a tradition in our household.

African Peanut Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars
This oddly wonderful combination of ingredients make a surprisingly different and delicious soup that everyone will enjoy! Serve with a dollop of sour cream on top and some crusty bread for dipping. YUM!
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Inspiration and Ideas

African Sweet Potato And Peanut Soup
"Excellent recipe!! I added a little extra cayenne pepper because I like it spicy, but other than that it was perfect." – MMEKKY
Moroccan Lentil Soup
"An awesome recipe!! Even my kids, 14 and 11 years old, liked it, and had seconds." – LAK48

Moroccan Shrimp Stew

Harissa adds a peppery smoky flavor that will have your tastebuds dancing.