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Staff Picks

Shaggy's Perfect Martini

Rating: Unrated
A cool refreshing cocktail that will remove the furrows from your brow. Use only the best quality gin. Note: Skewering the olive with a toothpick makes it easier to pick out when you're ready to eat it.

Tom Collins

Rating: Unrated
This is a great warm weather cocktail with or without the splash of bitters.

Strawberry-Gin Cocktail

Rating: Unrated
I served this cocktail for the first time at a wedding shower and it was a hit! Since then I make it whenever strawberries are in season. I have substituted raspberries when I had them on hand and it was great!

Gin Slush

Rating: Unrated
Excellent for parties of all kinds (cookouts, bridal showers, etc.) Can also be made with vodka.

The REAL Long Island Iced Tea

Rating: Unrated
There are a few impostors out there that claim to be Long Island Iced Teas. In actuality, there is only one correct way to make a LIIT... and this is it!

Tom Collins Cocktail

Rating: Unrated
Created in the late 1800s, the Tom Collins is said to be named after a wide-spread practical joke that swept the country. This cocktail, however, is no joke.

Scorpion Bowl

Rating: Unrated
Routinely found at Chinese restaurants, this punch-like cocktail is absolutely mouthwatering. This goes great with Chinese and Polynesian food.

Blue Motorcycle

Rating: Unrated
Kind of like a Long Island iced tea, but with a blue twist!

Singapore Sling Cocktail

Rating: Unrated
Variations of the classic Singapore Sling abound, but mix up one of these potent and sweet cocktails with this recipe and you'll be pleased with the results.

Grateful Dead Cocktail

Rating: Unrated
This cocktail is considered the sweeter cousin of the Long Island ice tea. Like that drink, the Grateful Dead cocktail packs a considerable punch!

Gin and Tonic

Rating: Unrated
Nothing says summer like the good ol' G&T!

Baltimore Zoo

Rating: Unrated
VERY STRONG drink - Similar to Long Island Iced Tea, but tastes much better to me, you don't taste the alcohol. You can adjust orange juice amount to adjust taste. Remember DO NOT drink and drive... This is a VERY strong drink but you don't taste the alcohol... fruity taste.

Inspiration and Ideas

Shaggy's Perfect Martini

"Classic cocktail! A gin martini is the only true martini, no? This is a near-perfect ratio of gin to vermouth." – Auldjaded

Tom Collins

"Fantastic... my husband loves a Tom Collins and I had to attempt it. Made it two nights in a row and my husband and I felt like we were on holiday." – Candace4u

Mrs. Baxton's Long Island Iced Tea

Rating: Unrated

An old friend of mine had made this for years and swears by this recipe. I have to admit it's the best Long Island Iced Tea I've ever had.