Walnut Dessert Recipes

You'll find new favorite ways to use walnuts in walnut dessert recipes like brownies, banana bread, toffee, and walnut fudge.

Staff Picks

Cherry Walnut Bars

Rating: 4.84 stars
Bars with a shortbread-like base and topped with frosting and coconut.

English Walnut Pie

Rating: 4.86 stars
My grandmother's Woman's Club would hold bake sales, and this pie was always a hit. Hope you enjoy it.

Raspberry Walnut Torte

Rating: 4.9 stars
A very dense, decadent cake that always gets raves from friends and family. You can substitute other nuts for the walnuts and different preserves if desired.

Pumpkin Walnut Cake

Rating: 4.89 stars
Pumpkin pie cake with butter and walnut topping.

Banana Walnut Ice Cream

Rating: 4.82 stars
This delicious and unique flavor ice cream is perfect for summer.

Black Walnut Cake II

Rating: 4.71 stars
This recipe makes good use of the bold flavor of black walnuts, which are native to central and eastern United States.

Quick and Easy Brownies

Rating: 4.42 stars
Takes about 45 minutes to make.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Rating: 4.54 stars
I modified Beatrice's Excellent Oatmeal cookies very slightly. I came up with something that my boyfriend went CRAZY over! I've never seen him enjoy cookies to that extent! He said I blew his mother's recipe away.

Apple Crumble Coffee Cake

Rating: 4.77 stars
Finally, after all these years, I've come up with a solution for people who can't decide whether to make an apple crumble or coffee cake. This features the best things about both of those recipes. It's like baking a crumb-topped coffee cake on top of another coffee cake!

The Original Fantasy Fudge

Rating: 4.57 stars
This recipe used to be found on the back of a well known brand of marshmallow cream. Many were surprised when it was changed. This is the original! You may find that most packages of chocolate chips are 10 ounces now; 12 ounces of chocolate chips is roughly 2 cups.

Apple Squares

Rating: 4.57 stars
Apples, nuts and cinnamon make these bars delicious. They hardly last a day at my house!

Inspiration and Ideas

Best Carrot Cake Ever
Rating: Unrated
A moist and flavorful recipe that makes a large quantity of cake. I have been hounded to make this cake time and time again.
Applesauce Cake I
Rating: Unrated
A quick and easy cake--we eat it for breakfast at our house.

Apple Brownies

Rating: 4.46 stars

This was my Mom's recipe. Easy and quick to make. Apples and walnuts are packed into a cinnamon spiced blonde brownie. Always a hit when I bring it to parties. Very moist and great to make in the fall when apples are plentiful.