Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

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Staff Picks

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Rating: Unrated
Energy packed cookies that please even a finicky teenager! Raisins can be substituted for chocolate chips.

Chef John's Chili Chocolate Cookies

Rating: Unrated
Just like adding a pinch of salt to dessert recipes makes them even sweeter and more delicious, the addition of pepper in this cookie really makes the chocolate even more chocolaty. The cookies aren't really spicy, but you can definitely tell something strange and wonderful is happening.

White Chip Chocolate Cookies

Rating: Unrated
These are my favorite cookies my grandma used to bake for me. They are really good with a tall glass of cold milk.

Salted Chocolate Cookies

Rating: Unrated
The addition of sea salt takes these big, soft, chocolaty, fudgy cookies to another level. Chocolate lovers will find these cookies irresistible.

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Rating: Unrated
A very dark, rich chocolate cookie for the true chocoholic. This recipe uses relatively little flour, resulting in dense, fudge-like cookies. These cookies keep well in the freezer (but you may have a hard time waiting for them to thaw before you eat them).

White Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies

Rating: Unrated
The reverse Chocolate Chip cookie. Rich dark chocolate with white chocolate chips.

Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies

Rating: Unrated
I received this recipe through a cookie exchange years ago, and it has become a favorite of family and friends.

Chocolate Pile-Up Cookies

Rating: Unrated
As the title implies, this cookie has chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. It's dark and rich and kind of over the top, but will certainly satisfy a chocoholic craving!

Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies

Rating: Unrated
A chocolate cookie with the flavors of rocky road ice cream. These are great to eat with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream!

Half and Halfs

Rating: Unrated
I came up with this recipe when I couldn't decide whether I wanted chocolate chip or double chip cookies so I came up with a way to have both! These cookies are half plain chocolate chip and half chocolate chocolate chip.

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is so easy to make, and yields delicious chocolaty cookies.

Nutella® Hazelnut Cookies

Rating: Unrated
These cookies are great for chocolate-hazelnut lovers. I make these all the time and everyone absolutely loves them.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

"If you're a chocoholic, you'll love these sinfully decadent cookies" – Wildflower86

Brookies (Brownie Cookies)

Watch how to make these delicious Brookies (Brownie Cookies).

Chocolate-Cinnamon Cookies

A chocolate base cookie with chocolate chips and a cinnamon twist!