Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes

Bake these top-rated Thanksgiving cookie recipes to keep your guests nibbling.

Staff Picks

Mini Brownie Turkeys

Rating: 5 stars
Miniature brownies are the perfect little bite, and dressing them up for Thanksgiving makes a fun project to do with your kiddos or grands! Makes a great kid-friendly addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table.

Cranberry Jam Bars

Rating: 4.22 stars
Cranberries are one of only three fruits native to North America, so what could be better to help celebrate an authentic Thanksgiving? The dough and jam can be made 3 days ahead and chilled separately. Great for Christmas, too.

Southern Pecan Pie Bars

Rating: 4.44 stars
With pecans being native to the southern US, this easy bar version of the classic pie is perfect for Thanksgiving. Pair the proverbial nut with Golden Eagle syrup, an Alabama specialty, and this dessert is as Southern as they come.
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Cookie Pralines

Rating: 4.59 stars
Delicious pecan cookies.

Pumpkin Brownies

Rating: 4.53 stars
A twist on a classic brownie recipe--perfect for fall! Rich chocolate flavors are nicely complemented by pumpkin and spices.

Acorn Candy Cookies

Rating: 4.7 stars
Cute little treats all on their own or a fun decoration for your cupcakes! Enjoy as is or use to decorate cupcakes. If you are good at piping try adding some colored leaves made of frosting to the top of the Nilla® Wafer.

Ultimate Maple Snickerdoodles

Rating: 4.57 stars
These have been voted the number one cookie that I bake (and I bake a lot!), and are loved by all who eat them. They are chewy mapley good!

Maple Pecan Shortbread Squares

Rating: 4.82 stars
These squares are my husband's favorite. We get some real, pure maple syrup from back home in Ontario, Canada, and they are just to die for. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Cranberry Cornmeal Linzer Cookies

Rating: 4.85 stars
Just right for celebrating the harvest.

Inspiration and Ideas

Cranberry Orange Cookies
"I have been making this recipe for years now, and it is, by far, my most-requested cookie. If you ever want to enter a contest, this is the one that will win!" – Allison6529
Sugar Cookie Icing
Rating: Unrated
"Absolutely FABULOUS! Great texture and flavor." – TheYankee