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Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

Rating: Unrated
This salad brings together ingredients that really enhance each other, and the dressing packs a perfect punch with maple syrup, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar. It's a favorite in my family!

Cranberry, Glazed Walnut, Orange, Avocado, and Blue Cheese Salad

Rating: Unrated
I first made this salad for my family's Thanksgiving dinner several years ago as a starter, and it was a big hit. This recipe was inspired after I had some pear and walnut salad at a restaurant. Since I'm a busy professional woman and don't have lots of time to cook, I wanted to make something quick and easy, yet tasty, using premade ingredients you can find at regular grocery stores.

Roquefort Pear Salad

Rating: Unrated
This is the best salad I've ever eaten and I make it all the time. It is tangy from the blue cheese, fruity from the pears, and crunchy from the caramelized pecans. The mustard vinaigrette pulls it all together.

Russian Beet Salad with Herring

Rating: Unrated
This salad is commonly known in Russia as a 'Herring under the Winter Coat Salad.' It is a must for every Russian holiday, however, you have to have a taste for herring and beets. Every Russian craves this salad, but my American hubby doesn't care for it. I use a clear bowl for this salad so that you could see all ingredients in it.

Curried Cashew, Pear, and Grape Salad

Rating: Unrated
Whenever I make this salad for guests, I'm always asked for the recipe and my family always requests this. We call it 'The Good Salad.'

Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

Rating: Unrated
Wonderful salad for the holiday seasons. Great to serve for dinner at home or to take to a family gathering during the holidays.

Grandma's Five Cup Salad

Rating: Unrated
My Grandmother made this every year for Christmas when I was a kid.

Cranberry Waldorf with Yogurt

Rating: Unrated
This is a very low-fat, low-calorie salad. I make it all year long, but it is especially great for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just freeze a few bags of cranberries to use at a later date. I know this will become a tradition to anyone who tries it, it's delicious! Originally submitted to

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese

Rating: Unrated
This is a delicious and easy salad which takes little time and is a great meatless main course. It uses beets, goat cheese, candied walnuts and baby greens. For a main dish salad, add chicken. Feel free to include more of your favorite vegetables too.

Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon-Mustard Dressing

Rating: Unrated
A classic steakhouse-style spinach salad with the absolute best warm bacon-mustard dressing I've ever had! Looks and tastes like a lot of work, but can be prepared in no time! This salad can easily be converted to a main dish salad by adding strips of grilled chicken breast.

Chinese Cabbage Salad

Rating: Unrated
Beautiful salad to serve with your favorite Chinese dishes!! Sesame oil and rice vinegar are a must for the authentic Chinese flavor.

Inspiration and Ideas

Winter Green Salad

"I made this salad two nights in a row, and each time I was assembling the ingredients I was thinking, 'Really?' But it works! And it's amazing!" – MaLizGa

Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

"Our first time using Fuyu persimmons, and they are delightful!" – jrbaker

Old-Fashioned Three Bean Salad

Rating: Unrated

We like a buffet with all the family here. We serve a variety of salads. This is also great for summer picnics and cookouts. Keeps well, and serves a lot of people.