Spring Main Dish Recipes

Ah, spring! Fresh peas, asparagus, all the green new sprouts - our spring main dish recipes like pasta primavera or asparagus quiche, will brighten your dinners as the days grow longer.

Staff Picks

Crispy Grilled Pizza Margherita

Rating: 4.5 stars
Pizza on an outdoor grill is a great alternative to oven-cooked pizza. If you love crispy crust, this is for you. Note: cook time is relatively short, so alternative toppings like uncooked sausage or other meats may not cook fully.

Spring Pea Green Curry with Black Cod and Strawberry

Rating: 4.29 stars
I've always loved green curries, but until a recent visit to Al's Place I'd never thought of using fresh, sweet peas as the base. It was amazing, and after only a few bites I knew I'd steal this idea and make it my own. Sorry, Al. You can use snow peas or English peas in place of sugar snap peas, if desired.

No-Cream Pasta Primavera

Rating: 4.53 stars
Spring veggies benefit from a quick roasting in olive oil and herbs before being tossed with penne. No cream here, just the fresh flavors of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and lemon. A beautiful dish.
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Springtime Quiche

Rating: 4.31 stars
I found this recipe at a time when too much asparagus was causing a problem. I found it to be a savior! Recipe is not exclusive to asparagus; any favorite vegetable may be used.

Tagliatelle with Coriander Pesto

Rating: 4 stars
Fresh tagliatelli, coated in a delicious and nutty homemade coriander (cilantro) pesto! Perfect and scrumptious side dish or vegetarian main dish!

Salmon with Caramelized Leeks

Rating: 4.61 stars
This is an adaptation from a few recipes I've enjoyed. Simple, elegant and delicious. I've served it for guests and picky teens with high praise.

Spring Lamb Sliders

Rating: 4.67 stars
Slow roasting a lamb shoulder is a lot less stressful than trying to achieve perfection with a leg of lamb. And, if you like shredded beef and pulled pork, you'll be down with this.

Shrimp and Asparagus

Rating: 4.51 stars
This recipe is a delicious option for shrimp. Shrimp sauteed with asparagus and mushrooms, tossed with egg noodles.

Lemony Steamed Fish

Rating: 4.22 stars
Mild flavored, flaky fish fillets. Any number of different types of fish will work, and you can increase the recipe easily. Try halibut, cod, salmon, red snapper, trout, etc. Serve with a white and wild rice blend.

Vegetarian Korma

Rating: 4.57 stars
This is an easy and exotic Indian dish. It's rich, creamy, mildly spiced, and extremely flavorful. Serve with naan and rice.

Chef John's Pasta Primavera

Rating: 4.4 stars
Pasta primavera is quite a straightforward recipe; spaghetti or fettuccine tossed with an array of fresh spring vegetables. When done right, this is one of the year's great seasonal recipes. This looks, smells, and tastes like a cool, sunny spring day.

Inspiration and Ideas

Penne with Chicken and Asparagus
Rating: Unrated
"This is a fast, tasty pasta dish perfect for spring when you want lighter meals. I added a little lemon juice, which complemented the asparagus very well." – Debbie
Rack of Lamb with Strawberry Mint Sauce
Rating: Unrated
"Turned out picture-perfect. It looked impressive and really was pretty easy to whip up." – Rob Hoffman

Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

Rating: 4.62 stars

No more dry corned beef! Cook this in your slow cooker all day and you're guaranteed success! Serve this with soda bread for a warm and satisfying meal.