Slow Cooker Side Dish Recipes

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Staff Picks

Slow Cooker Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole

Rating: Unrated
A great cauliflower side dish that goes well with just about anything. An easy way to get kids to eat veggies.

Slow Cooker Green Beans and Potatoes

Rating: Unrated
This easy dish is one of our favorite summertime meals, fresh green beans and potatoes thrown in a slow cooker!

Felicia's Slow Cooker Black Beans

Rating: Unrated
My best friend gave me her recipe for Cuban-style black beans. I made minor tweaks to make them in the slow cooker. Serve with white rice for an authentic Cuban meal.

Delectable Slow Cooker Grits

Rating: Unrated
This is my favorite way to make grits. So simple! Just a little prep work and then let the slow cooker turn your grits into a delicious, smooth base for any dish. Season as you wish with cheese, bacon, chives, pepper, etc.

Rebellion Sauerkraut

Rating: Unrated
Rebellion® Hard Cider makes this sauerkraut the most delicious sauerkraut you will ever eat. I used Bittersweet Liberty Dry Hard Cider and the result was amazing.

Deborah's Slow Cooker Spicy Black Eyed Peas

Rating: Unrated
Another soul food recipe I experimented with until I had just the right ingredients. This has more flavor and spice than other recipes I have tried.

Slow Cooker Stuffing

Rating: Unrated
This is an easy way to make 'extra' stuffing for a large crowd, saving stove space because it cooks in a slow cooker. Very tasty and moist!

Spiced Slow Cooker Applesauce

Rating: Unrated
This easy and delicious spiced applesauce slow cooks to perfection. My kids and I came up with this recipe one fall weekend. It's a family favorite.

Chef John's Apple Butter

Rating: Unrated
Move over, apple sauce. Apple butter is basically a spreadable apple pie filling, only better. Though cooking time is long, it's super easy and pretty hands-free. Pair it with some sharp Cheddar on a cheese plate, or slather it onto cheesy biscuits (see footnote). Other approved uses include spreading between the layers of a spice cake, filling seasonably appropriate thumbprint cookies, or even as a condiment for pork chops.
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Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes with Ham

Rating: Unrated
If you like ham and potatoes, you'll love this creamy recipe! Its a big hit in my house, especially with my kids!

Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes

Rating: Unrated
A super easy way to bake potatoes without heating up the kitchen.
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Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Rating: Unrated
These are melt in your mouth mashed potatoes, and what could be better than potatoes in the slow cooker?

Inspiration and Ideas

15 Great Slow Cooker Side Dishes

Want your summer cookouts to be fun and relaxing? Let your slow cooker handle the side dishes that go along with whatever's going onto the grill.

Betty's 3-Bean Hot Dish

"My new 'go to' bean recipe. It has more of a BBQ flavor." – Dee Grimsey

Slow Cooker Collard Greens

Rating: Unrated

Got this from a coworker who made these for the office holiday potluck. Collard greens are cooked all day with ham shanks and pickled jalapeno. Yum!