Fruit Dessert Recipes

Five-star desserts put fruit up front—from crisps to cakes, trifles to pies.

Staff Picks

Apple Strudel

Rating: Unrated
Use ready made phyllo pastry and homemade apple filling.

Pavlova with Winter Fruits

Rating: Unrated
It's tough making dessert for someone cutting back on gluten and dairy. Luckily, pavlovas are gluten free and really easy. The toppings are easy to customize - I made the lemon curd dairy free and served whipped cream on the side.

Bananas Foster II

Rating: Unrated
On Father's Day we all tried this delicious dessert, which everyone loved. Bananas warmed in buttery rum sauce over vanilla ice cream.

Baked Apple Roses

Rating: Unrated
These were inspired by a cook named Ana, a Brazilian food blogger living in Italy. I really hope you give these gorgeous looking, and very delicious apple roses a try soon. Enjoy!

Key Lime Cheesecake I

Rating: Unrated
My favorite dessert to make has to be cheesecakes. This is just one of many that gets a lot of requests. It is sweet and tangy just like its more familiar cousin, the pie. I usually serve it with whipped cream and lime slices. Enjoy!

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

Rating: Unrated
A delightfully fresh, crisp ending to a meal or after a fish course to cleanse the palate. Garnish with small mint leaves or any small green herb leaf.

Blueberry Pie

Rating: Unrated
This is the best when made with fresh picked blueberries! It is a beautiful sight with a lattice top.

Apple Crisp - Perfect and Easy

Rating: Unrated
I adapted this from a 50-year-old peach crisp recipe. Although it works well with peaches, it works even better with fresh, crisp cooking apples.

Blood Orange Tart

Rating: Unrated
This citrus-y tart with a shortbread crust is made with colorful blood orange juice, zest, and slices for garnish.

Carrot Pineapple Cake I

Rating: Unrated
The carrots and pineapple work together to keep this cake moist and wholesome.

Yummy Fruit Pizza

Rating: Unrated
It is a pizza made with a crisp rice crust, chocolate sauce, fruit and whip cream. It's great for camping and birthdays. I love it!

Banana Pudding IV

Rating: Unrated
A quick and easy banana pudding recipe - enjoy!

Inspiration and Ideas

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Chef John's Lemon Bars

Rating: Unrated

This is one of my favorite cookies of all time, although technically they're closer to a pie than a cookie. Nothing prepares you for that intense, awesome sweet-tart lemon flavor and custard, perfectly contrasted against that crisp, sweet buttery shortbread cookie.