Beef Stroganoff Recipes

Find all the top recipes to turn sliced or ground beef into an easy, creamy dinner, with or without pasta!

Staff Picks

Best Ever Russian Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
Being of Norwegian descent, I really don't know how this Russian beef stroganoff came into the family. My grandma has made this recipe for 50 years that I know of and it is truly my favorite. Serve over noodles. For a wintertime comfort food this is the best. I actually like it so much that my wife and I will have this for dinner and the next morning we will eat the leftovers with a couple of eggs on the side for brunch. You can't beat it!

Classic Beef Stroganoff in a Slow Cooker

Rating: Unrated
This classic beef stroganoff recipe uses ingredients commonly kept on hand for an easy and delicious family meal.

Elegant Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is easy to make and makes an elegant-looking meal that anyone would be proud to offer to guests. This is one of the favorite dinners for my family. It can be easily increased to serve more people with a little increase in prep time.

Nana's Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
This is a delicious Stroganoff that my Nana made all the time. My husband's favorite meal is Stroganoff, and before we met he never had homemade Stroganoff sauce. Once my mom made this for him, he has never eaten any other! Serve over rice or egg noodles.

Beef Stroganoff for Instant Pot®

Rating: Unrated
A truly one-pot meal! Fork-tender beef and mushrooms with egg noodles. This recipe is written using the Instant Pot®.

Quick and Easy Hamburger Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
Quick and easy hamburger stroganoff.

One-Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
My family loved the boxed version of this ground beef stroganoff, but we have done away with processed foods. I created this out of necessity, and they don't miss the box at all! It's creamy and delicious!

Our Favorite Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
Garlic, basil, and thyme bring extra flavor to this easy ground beef stroganoff made with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream. Serve over cooked egg noodles.

Simple Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
This is a very simple and quick beef stroganoff that can be made after a busy day at work. It uses ground beef and mushroom soup!

Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is our family favorite. The sauce is very rich and creamy and is great served over egg noodles. It does take a little longer to make, but it is well worth it!

Chef John's Classic Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated
This is a fairly lean version of beef stroganoff, as most recipes call for more cream. This is something you can easily adjust to your tastes. I like a little thicker version, with just enough sauce to coat the meat and noodles.

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff I

Rating: Unrated
This is an easy variation of a favorite. I used to prepare it the traditional way, with sour cream, but I didn't have any one night, so I used cream cheese instead. My husband and I liked it even better! Serve over hot, cooked egg noodles or rice.

Inspiration and Ideas

Easy Beef Stroganoff

Make any weeknight feel like a special occasion with this ground beef stroganoff: the luscious sauce of sauteed mushrooms and sour cream is ready in half an hour. Serve over hot egg noodles.

So Simple Beef Stroganoff

Rating: Unrated

A very simple recipe if you don't like using or buying a lot of ingredients. Serve over egg noodles.