Great Northern Bean Recipes

Northern white beans are perfect for a baked beans dish, but also delicious served other ways. Browse more than 70 great northern bean recipes to find your fit.

Staff Picks

New Year Three-Bean and Artichoke Salad

Rating: Unrated
This is a great year-round salad that travels well. It is totally vegan, but no meat eater will complain! It's good served by itself or over lettuce.
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Chicken and Two Bean Chili

Rating: Unrated
An awesome change from the traditional beef chili! I made this for my husband for the first time and he went back for seconds!

Slow Cooker Ham and Beans

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is perfect for those blustery days when you don't really have time to cook, but want a hearty meal for the family. It's a very basic, nutrient-packed meal for all to enjoy!

Porotos Granados (Chilean Bean Stew)

Rating: Unrated
This hearty harvest recipe is perfect for the coldest nights but stands up just as well to the summer heat. Using frozen vegetables, you can put together this dish in minutes and have it on the table in an hour.

Ham and Beans and More

Rating: Unrated
Ham and bean soup can be a little bland and requires a lot of salt to be palatable, but not so with this version. It is bursting with flavor.

Slow-Cooker Baked Bean Stew

Rating: Unrated
Simple, sweet, and delicious. All the kids loved it! Serve with cornbread.

White Chili VI

Rating: Unrated
Chunks of white meat chicken, Great Northern beans, salsa, and Pepper Jack cheese make this a super simple and super quick recipe sure to please everyone! Serve with tortilla chips and sour cream.

Easy and Delicious Slow Cooker Cassoulet

Rating: Unrated
I am married to a chef, but I can't cook. So I make a lot of food in my slow cooker when it's my night to cook. We love France and French cooking, and this recipe is a wonderfully simple, elegant cassoulet that even I can make and he loves. Wonderful for cold nights and dinner parties. Double the recipe for leftovers - it melds overnight very well.

Spicy White Chili with Chicken

Rating: Unrated
Delicious white chicken chili! Make on stove top or let it simmer all day in slow cooker.

Popa's Simple White Chili

Rating: Unrated
A simple version of white chili that can be made on the stove top or in a slow cooker. This is our go-to chili for those chilly winter days. Cook on Low in a slow cooker for 4 hours if preferred. Serve with garlic cheese bread. Enjoy.

Basic Ham and Bean Soup

Rating: Unrated
Hearty ham and bean soup. Easy to make and a great way to use a leftover ham bone. This soup also has lots of mixed vegetables.

Creamy White Chili

Rating: Unrated
This is the best chili recipe I have ever had! It is so delicious and everyone raves about how good it tastes. Don't count on leftovers!

Inspiration and Ideas

Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Soup

Rating: Unrated
This was a spur of the moment recipe I made to use the ham bone left from Easter. It's really easy and tastes great on a cold evening!

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Rating: Unrated
This is pretty close to what my mom used to make. I've always thought of it as healthy and filling. There is no meat and very little fat in this recipe. I created this recipe on a cold and rainy winter day on which it definitely hit the spot.

Instant Pot® White Beans

Instead of buying canned beans, I use my pressure cooker to cook them from dry--no soaking required! If you do decide to soak the beans, check your appliance manual because cooking time will be shorter.