Black-Eyed Pea Recipes

Black-eyed peas, an essential for Hopping' John, are also enjoyed in many other ways. Browse 110 black-eyed pea recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips.

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Black-Eyed Pea Dip

Rating: Unrated
This is a wonderful, easy dip recipe that looks like a salsa. It's important that it refrigerate at least six hours, You may even let it go overnight so the flavors can blend. It's best with Fritos® Scoops®.

Black-Eyed Pea Cabbage Salad

Rating: Unrated
Fresh, delicious, and feel-good healthy!

Black-Eyed Pea and Jalapeno Salsa

Rating: Unrated
This is a quick and flavorful salsa, one of the few ways I can think of to use black-eyed peas. Serve it with tortilla chips or pita crisps to make a zesty appetizer.

Lucky New Year's Black-Eyed Pea Stew

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is a wonderful combination of all things bringing good luck for the New Year. Black-eyed peas bring luck and the cabbage brings money. Don't worry! Napa cabbage has such a subtle flavor that you won't even know it's there. Eat this on New Years Day to bring luck all year long!

Black-Eyed Pea and Bacon Soup

Rating: Unrated
A hearty and delicious soup made with black-eyed peas and diced bacon. Serve with fresh baked rolls or biscuits.

Pico Black-Eyed Peas

Rating: Unrated
Pico de gallo and black-eyed peas are a surprising marriage of flavor that are meant for each other.

Vegetarian Hoppin' John

Rating: Unrated
Both of my daughters are vegetarians. I developed this simple recipe for them to let them enjoy Hoppin' John. It can be used as a base for additional ingredients according to personal preference. This recipe was submitted to the Harvard College Dining Services and was selected as a vegetarian option for the student dining halls.

Best Ever Cowboy Caviar

Rating: Unrated
Every time I make this I get asked for the recipe. I keep it on a file in my computer so I can print and email it easily. To add heat it is also good with jalapenos. Serve with tortilla chips.

Cowgirl Salsa

Rating: Unrated
Filled with lots of fresh veggies, this salsa is a great addition to any meal. Best the next day, that way it's chilled and the ingredients have plenty of time to mix and mingle. Enjoy with tortilla chips, on a taco or burrito, on top of eggs, or by the spoonful!

Texas Caviar I

Rating: Unrated
Here's a spicy Texas favorite. Black-eyed peas and black beans are marinated in a fiery, flavorful mixture. This is great with tortilla chips or bread -- and plenty of cold iced tea!

Slow Cooker Spicy Black-Eyed Peas

Rating: Unrated
Enjoy this easy crock pot recipe that's perfect for pot luck dinners and barbecues.
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Cowboy Caviar

Rating: Unrated
Black beans absorb other flavors superbly, so try to leave this for at least 20 minutes before serving to allow the different flavors to blend together.

Inspiration and Ideas

How to Cook Black-Eyed Peas

Get tips for cooking black-eyed peas in the slow cooker or stovetop, plus get recipes that you'll keep coming back to all year long.

Chef John's Black-Eyed Peas

See how to make this version of hoppin' John with ham, bacon, and kale.

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Rating: Unrated

This salad goes great with barbeque and, of course, New Year's Day.