Date Recipes

Looking for recipes with dates? Check out our favorite recipes with dried or fresh dates, like bars, cookies and date cake!

Staff Picks

Date Nut Loaf Cake

Rating: Unrated
An easy and quick date nut loaf served with a warm brown sugar sauce.

Crunchy Date Rounds

Rating: Unrated
I got this recipe as a young girl when I spent the summer with my great grandma. Now I make them for my family and they all love them. "Granny" lives on if only through my recipe box.

Bacon and Date Appetizer

Rating: Unrated
An easy, quick appetizer that I first tasted at a Native American wedding ceremony. Dates are stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon!

Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies I

Rating: Unrated
Rolled cookies with a date-filled center.

Date Cookies

Rating: Unrated
Spicy cookies with chewy dates. The dates sweeten these cookies without going overboard.

Moist Date Nut Bread

Rating: Unrated
A moist not too sweet version of a figgy pudding but made with dates and minus the spices. You could try covering with buttered foil and steaming it for a even moister version. This can also be baked in a (28 ounce) can.

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese

Rating: Unrated
Dates are stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon and baked until crisp. These are delicious and very easy to make for a party. You can serve them at room temperature, so it is okay to make a few hours in advance!

Gramma's Date Squares

Rating: Unrated
A date filled bar with a chewy oatmeal crust. This is my grandmother's recipe, which my whole family loves.

Coconut Date Balls

Rating: Unrated
A crunchy cookie or candy with a great date taste.

Israeli Stuffed Dates

Rating: Unrated
This chocolate-covered, nut-filled date candy is straight from Israel, an idea I received from my Yemenite neighbor. It's easy and delicious!

Date Cake

Rating: Unrated
Simple coffee cake with a wonderful flavor and unique broiled topping.

British Date and Walnut Loaf Cake

Rating: Unrated
This is an easy recipe to follow and it's great for any occasion. It's a very moist loaf cake, ideally cut into slices and buttered. It keeps very well in an airtight container - it usually doesn't last longer than a day in my house before it's all gone! [Recipe originally submitted to]

Inspiration and Ideas

Chocolate Date Cookies

Rating: Unrated
While these chocolate cookies are not completely sugar-free, they have no added sugar and only use dates for sweetness.

Hearty Breakfast Cookies

Rating: Unrated

These cookies are a delicious and hearty alternative to doughnuts or pastries. Also great to pack in lunches and on trips. Try one with your morning coffee or tea. For a slightly richer treat, use buttermilk in place of the water. Substitute dates for the raisins, if you prefer.