Waldorf Salad Recipes

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Staff Picks

Waldorf Cabbage Salad

Rating: 4.52 stars
My dad always made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He called it Waldorf Salad, but it is really a cabbage salad 'Waldorf style'.

Waldorf Salad with Yogurt

Rating: 4.5 stars
This is a classic recipe for a Waldorf Salad.

Layered Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4.75 stars
A traditional Waldorf salad served in a deliciously different way.

Cranberry Waldorf with Yogurt

Rating: 4.72 stars
This is a very low-fat, low-calorie salad. I make it all year long, but it is especially great for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just freeze a few bags of cranberries to use at a later date. I know this will become a tradition to anyone who tries it, it's delicious! Originally submitted to ThanksgivingRecipe.com.

Morgan's Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4.8 stars
The idea of Waldorf salad was unappealing to me for years. So I experimented with ingredients a bit and finally found a recipe that's incredibly delicious! This is my own spin on the traditional Waldorf salad. The ingredients crisp, filling, and bursting with juicy flavor. Perfect for hot summer days when you don't feel like firing up the stove.

Date-Marshmallow Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4.82 stars
I've kept this recipe from my Grandmother. Apples, celery, dates and walnuts are dressed in a light fluffy marshmallow cream. It's very good and children seem to love it.

Lime Jell-O® Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4.83 stars
A yummy mixture of lime gelatin and fruit, perfect for every occasion.

Waldorf Salad III

Rating: 4.2 stars
This creamy Waldorf Salad boasts the addition of golden raisins, fluffy whipped cream and tangy lemon and orange juices to the usual apples, celery and mayonnaise.

Sonny's Waldorf Turkey Salad

Rating: 4.71 stars
Wondering what to do with that left-over turkey? This salad will make turkey into something really exotic, with a fruity, nutty and hint-of-spicy flavor that you will want to enjoy year-round. With so many different variations, this salad has something for everyone! Serve salad on top of salad greens or in a pita shell.

Simple Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4 stars
This is my version of Waldorf Salad; it's very fast and easy.

Simply The Best Chicken Waldorf Salad

Rating: 4.72 stars
This is an easy and delicious recipe, sure to be a favorite for any occasion. The recipe is for 3 to 4 servings (double the ingredients if you want to serve more people). Enjoy.

Waldorf Salad II

Rating: 4.59 stars
This traditional salad is delicious, and you can vary the ingredients to your preference. Try adding diced, roasted chicken to make this salad a meal!

Inspiration and Ideas

Elise's Favorite Waldorf Salad

Rating: Unrated
"I loved how this turned out. The addition of the whipping cream was perfect! It tones down the mayo taste and the cinnamon adds just a hint of flavor." – Melissa

Jenny's Sweet Waldorf Salad

Rating: Unrated
"This is NOT your mother's Waldorf salad. This is so good!" – jubykf