Cheeseburger Recipes

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Staff Picks

Cheddar Bacon Hamburgers with Horseradish

Rating: Unrated
A great and easy way to add some flavor to your hamburgers!

Double Cheeseburger

Great recipe for a double cheeseburger.

Spicy Chopped Cheese Sandwich

The chopped cheese sandwich originated in New York City. It is not spicy and is traditionally made on a flat top grill. I do not have a flat top and also wanted to incorporate some heat so here is my not so traditional version.

Big Mac® Clone

Rating: Unrated
A very delicious, authentic, and most importantly great clone of a Big Mac® from McDonald's®.

Loaded Greek Burgers

Rating: Unrated
Tired of plain old 'burgers for summertime? Mix it up a bit by adding some classic Greek flavor: spinach, feta, roasted red pepper, and herbs...Yum! Serve these burgers on a warm toasted Kaiser roll, with a delicious feta cheese spread, fresh lettuce, and tomato.

Bacon Cheeseburgers with Steak Sauce

This burger came to me in a daydream and I just happened to have enough ingredients to make it work. It is incredibly juicy and the flavors harmonize very well together. If you enjoy a good pub-style burger, this one's definitely for you! Add whatever condiments you prefer.

Chinese-Style Cheeseburgers

Rating: Unrated
These are great cheeseburgers with a Chinese flair. I use Chinese-style mustard and serve them on some lightly buttered and toasted hamburger buns. Try substituting teriyaki sauce for the soy sauce, too!

Sun-Dried Tomato and Blue Cheese Burgers

Rating: Unrated
These hamburgers combine ground beef with sun-dried tomatoes, blue cheese, Worcestershire sauce, and dry mustard. These are best on the grill for great flavor.

Juicy Lucy Burgers

Rating: Unrated
A favorite of Minnesotans! The famous Juicy Lucy! Mmmm. So good. You MUST use American cheese on this to achieve the juiciness in the middle! I like sauteed mushrooms and onions on mine!

Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers

Rating: Unrated
This is great! The bacon makes the hamburgers so tender!

Cheeseburger Sliders

Rating: Unrated
Oven-baked cheeseburger sliders.

Cheddar Bacon Hamburgers

Rating: Unrated
A great and easy way to add some flavor to your hamburgers!

Inspiration and Ideas

Big Smokey Burgers

"These burgers are the real deal. Smoky, juicy, peppery...with a little kick." – CookieEater

Grilled Mushroom Swiss Burgers

"Great recipe! We used fresh mushrooms and added onions." – Jessica Ruth

Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Rating: Unrated

This tastes just like the mushroom and swiss hamburgers from a famous fast-food chain.