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The Best Baked Ziti

Rating: Unrated
I am half Italian, was raised eating the finest Italian-American cuisine, and have filmed almost 2000 recipe videos, so when you consider all of those facts, it seems incredible that I have never posted a video for baked ziti. Hopefully I make up for that long wait by posting what I think is the best version of it.

Chef John's Taco-Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Rating: Unrated
Zucchini is not very exciting, interesting, or fun to eat, which is basically the opposite of a taco. But what we're going to do here is use the same filling used to make tacos to stuff zucchini and turn something that's generally unremarkable into something that is incredibly remarkable. This isn't some kind of low-carb substitute gimmick--these really were amazing. Serve topped with diced tomato, green onions, sour cream, and cilantro, or any toppings you prefer.

Banana Bread Pancakes

Rating: Unrated
If you're a fan of our banana bread, then you're gonna love this, since it's based on that recipe. As easy as that is to make, these are even easier. I really think that this threads the needle between something that has the flavor of banana bread, but that is very close to the texture of a classic pancake. Top with butter and banana slices and serve with warm maple syrup.

Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Scampi

Rating: Unrated
I've received a bunch of requests to make this, and after tasting it, I understand why. If you're a garlic lover, you're going to want to pull out your bucket list and add this recipe to it. I absolutely love this, and I think you will too. Serve over white rice with fresh lemon wedges.
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Chef John's Salisbury Steak

Rating: Unrated
When I was a kid, we didn't have smartphones or the internet, all we had was a TV. But we didn't care because as we watched, we got to enjoy a little something called a "TV dinner." The king of those dinners, in my opinion, was the Salisbury steak, which is what I'll show you how to make here, along with one of the greatest gravies ever invented. Serve with buttered mashed potatoes and a vegetable side of your choice.

Fresh Tomato Soup with Crispy Cheese Toast

Rating: Unrated
We're doing a very fresh twist on the classic cream of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Since we're using fresh tomatoes at their peak of vine-ripened goodness, this simple soup is going to be not quite, but almost, 100% tomato.

Garlic Rice Roast Chicken

Rating: Unrated
We've done chicken next to rice, on rice, and in rice, but I believe this is the first time we're going to reverse it and do the rice in the chicken-and no, not stuffed in the cavity. This recipe involves stuffing the rice under the skin, and the results really were spectacular.

Roasted Roman-Style Romanesco

Rating: Unrated
Because of this vegetable's bizarre and unusual appearance, this is the kind of thing people pass over in the market, mostly because they're confused by it and don't know what to do with it, but this recipe shows exactly what to do with it. If you do what I do, you'll be enjoying one of the most delicious vegetables you'll ever have. Serve drizzled with more olive oil or garlic aioli.

Chef John's Pumpkin Scones

Rating: Unrated
Here's an example of how I would convince the public that pumpkin is great for any time of the year. Ironically, I did this because I had leftover pumpkin from Thanksgiving.
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Chef John's Creamy Corn Pudding

Rating: Unrated
Corn pudding doesn't get the same attention as some other holiday side dishes, but it's a real crowd-pleaser that pairs perfectly with all your favorite special-occasion meats.

Make-Ahead Marsala Turkey Gravy

Rating: Unrated
The Thanksgiving Day kitchen is a busy, hectic scene that can intimidate even the most experienced cooks. By doing your gravy ahead of time, you make that last-minute production a lot easier. That's not to say I want you to throw away all those lovely turkey pan juices sitting in your roasting pan. Time permitting, strain them into a saucepan, boil them down, and add them to this sauce.

Salted Caramel Custard

Rating: Unrated
These easy 'pots de crèmes' are just sweet enough, just salty enough, and just drop-dead gorgeous enough to be my favorite dessert.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chef John's Best Halloween Recipes

Deeply disturbing to behold but so delightfully delicious to devour, you'll love Chef John's Halloween recipes.

Mini Meatloaf Ghosts

These are easy and fun to make—and the leftovers make great "ghost on toast" sandwiches.

Steakhouse Potatoes Romanoff

Rating: Unrated

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that's mostly because people just don't remember exactly what happened. Well, the only thing I didn't forget was this special potato gratin that Chef John Schenk taught me how to make 10 years ago at his restaurant Strip House. Not only is it the soul mate of steak, but it's also a great side dish for big holiday gatherings since you can make it the day before and bake when needed.