Kale Chip Recipes

Kale chips - baked, fried, air-fried, and flavored - browse trusted homemade kale chip recipes complete with ratings, reviews, and how-to videos.

Staff Picks

Baked Kale Chips

Rating: 4.48 stars
These are a low calorie nutritious snack. Like potato chips, you cannot stop at just eating one. They are great for parties and a good conversation topic.
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Kale Chips

Rating: 4.27 stars
Crispy, crunchy, and nutritious! I used Spanish sherry vinegar, but any vinegar you like the flavor of will work. I checked every 10 minutes or so and turned some pieces over. I also found I didn't mind if there were a few softer parts on some of the kale leaves, I liked the combination of crisp and softer parts.

Kale Chips with Honey

Rating: 4.53 stars
Slightly sweet but still crispy green goodness. Use raw agave in place of the honey if you wish.

Maple Kale Crisps

Rating: 4.35 stars
This salty-sweet snack combination can be a great way to get some nutrient-rich vegetables into your diet. It is a quick after-school snack option for kids.

Kale Chips in the Microwave

Rating: 4.43 stars
This is such a quick and easy way to enjoy a healthy snack.

Air-Fried Kale Chips

Rating: 4 stars
I harvested some kale from my garden this weekend and decided to make chips in an air fryer instead of the oven. It's super quick!

Sriracha-Lime Kale Chips

Rating: 4.75 stars
A tasty, guilt-free way to eat your greens! I love experimenting with different flavors of kale chips, and this has become one of my favorites!

Homemade Kale Chips

Rating: 4 stars
Fresh, healthy, and flavorful homemade kale chips with garlic and dill.

Paleo Kale Chips

Rating: 4.29 stars
Paleo kale chips. I divide this in to two batches. My husband likes garlic, I like without garlic.

Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

With only 4 ingredients and a little bit of your time, this afternoon snack of salt and vinegar kale chips can be crunchy, salty, and satisfying while still remaining healthy. Store in airtight plastic zip-top bags.

Air Fryer Kale Chips with Parmesan

Rating: 4 stars
Super quick, easy, and delicious air fryer kale chips with Parmesan.
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Veggie Kale Chips

Rating: 4.33 stars
A great way to eat your vegetables and actually enjoy them. A great alternative to potato chips, veggie chips/straws, or popcorn. Sherry or apple cider vinegar can be used in place of the vinegar if desired.

Inspiration and Ideas

Raw Cashew Cheesy Kale Chips
Rating: Unrated
This is the most addicting healthy snack in the world! Crunchy, cheesy goodness that is not only vegan but also raw. The cheese is made up of simple natural ingredients like cashews and red bell pepper. This recipe fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle. I just throw them in a bag and take them with me or eat them as an appetizer while I'm preparing dinner. I also sprinkle the leftover cheesy kale flakes on my salad. I love sharing this recipe with friends and family because they instantly fall in love. Now they are making their own and sharing with me! Nom, Nom, crunch, crunch...