Rhubarb Crisps and Crumbles Recipes

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Chef John's Rhubarb Crisp

Rating: Unrated
If you've never tried rhubarb before, this is the recipe for you. The sweet, crisp topping taking the edge off the tart, tangy fruit, both benefiting from a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is a great, old-fashioned American dessert. You can substitute all-purpose flour for the whole wheat flour.

Rhubarb-Peach Crisp

Rating: Unrated
This dish is a big hit at my house, especially served warm with ice cream.

Ginger Rhubarb Crisp

Rating: Unrated
A tangy crisp with a hint of ginger and a nice crunch to the topping. The custard filling is soft and creamy, yet holds together beautifully. This makes a large crisp - great to take to a potluck or party.

Rhubarb Crunch

Rating: Unrated
A childhood favorite. We ate it with milk or vanilla ice cream!

Rhubarb Strawberry Crunch

Rating: Unrated
Ever wonder what to do with that big rhubarb plant in the garden? This is your answer.

Mom's Rhubarb Crisp

Rating: Unrated
This delicious dessert was a summer staple in my family growing up. An easy, delicious way to use up the summer surplus of rhubarb!

Apple Rhubarb Crisp

Rating: Unrated
Well, I love apple crisps and rhubarb crisp - but didn't like the strawberry. I took a few recipes I found and mixed and matched and got something that everyone loved. Hope you do as well. Apples-to-rhubarb mixture can be tweaked depending on how much you like rhubarb or how tall you want the crisp to be.

Easy Rhubarb Crisp

Rating: Unrated
Growing up in Alaska, we had rhubarb growing out of our ears. This recipe is a great way to use it, and people will devour it.

Low Sugar Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch

Rating: Unrated
A lot of rhubarb recipes add a large amount of sugar. This keeps the sweetener to a minimum so you can enjoy the tang of the rhubarb! Delicious-- enjoy! Use sugar in place of honey if you like.

Rhubarb-Raspberry Crunch

Rating: Unrated
Rhubarb summer refresher. A yummy blend of rhubarb and raspberries surrounded by a brown sugar and oats crust. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or pour on some half and half.

Rhubarb Compote Cake

Rating: Unrated
This is one of my favorite recipes handed down to me from my grandmother. I used to help her pick the rhubarb.

Mom's Rhubarb Cake

Rating: Unrated
There's no better way to use up rhubarb!

Inspiration and Ideas

Rhubarb-Strawberry Crunch

"My daughter re-named this Strawberry Rhubarb Deliciousness from Heaven." – elle19

Ginger-Rhubarb Crisp

"The filling is on the tart side for me, but this is exactly how my husband likes his rhubarb! Ginger and orange zest add some interesting flavors." – momoftwo

Rhubarb Betty

Rating: Unrated

Use this speedy fruit dessert for guests once and you will rave about how much they loved it. Easy and wholesome, the cinnamon compliments the rhubarb. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.