Valentine's Day Cake Recipes

Find romantic mousse, torte and ganache recipes to wow your sweetie on the day of love. Browse more than 70 Valentine's Day cakes for the sweetest one.

Staff Picks

Easy Flourless Chocolate Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars
This will impress any guests you entertain and you don't have to tell them how easy it was! Serve with chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce. I used recipes I found here on for chocolate ganache (by INGRIDEVOGEL) and raspberry sauce (by The_Tattooed_Chef). The raspberry sauce complements all that chocolate and makes the cake moist. Both of these recipes are easy, simple, and exceptional as well.

Heart Cake

This chocolate cake is the perfect Valentine's Day cake. I made it for my husband last year. It is filled with ganache and in general not an overly sweet cake, but that's how we like it.

White Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Rating: 4.24 stars
Cake baking is my specialty and this is one of my favorites. The moist, flavorful strawberry cake and the rich, creamy cream cheese and white chocolate frosting combine to create a decadent dessert.

Elizabeth's Extreme Chocolate Lover's Cake

Rating: 4.62 stars
If you are a chocolate lover, you're gonna LOVE this!! The best chocolate cake I've ever concocted! The ganache and cream cheese chocolate buttercream frosting are absolutely decadent! Serve with fresh raspberries, if desired.

Cherry Glazed Sponge Cake

Rating: 4.64 stars
My favorite Valentine breakfast. Perfect for brunch, or anytime.

Easy Valentine's Day Cake

Rating: 3.94 stars
This is a great, easy cake perfect for Valentine's Day! Also includes great icing recipe! My family makes this every Valentine's Day, and it's a favorite!

Cream Cheese Frosting II

Rating: 4.71 stars
This is a wonderfully creamy frosting that goes well with pumpkin bread, carrot cake, chocolate cake, on cookies, or between cookies. If you want chocolate frosting, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup cocoa, according to how rich you want it.

Raspberry Sauce

Rating: 4.59 stars
I've made raspberry sauce so many ways and this is my favorite. Thanks to MSG Mark Morgan.

Italian Love Cake

Rating: 4.17 stars
Easy to make and delicious too!

James Gang Red Velvet Cake

Rating: 3.92 stars
Delicious Red Velvet Cake!!! Passed through many generations, this Red Velvet Cake has been a staple at EVERY James Gang get together. Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just because, we have to have this cake. No one makes it quite like Granny, but it still tastes pretty darn good!!

Fudge Truffle Cheesecake

Rating: 4.75 stars
Truffle-like chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate cookie crust. If this does not drive your mate wild, keep the recipe and replace him or her. Note: The topping for this cake is your choice, you could use chocolate dipped strawberries, purchased chocolate truffles, or melt chocolate and/or white chocolate and drizzle it over the top.

Old-Fashioned Coconut Cake

Rating: 3 stars
Great coconut cake with an old-fashioned taste.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chantal's New York Cheesecake
Rating: Unrated
"Excellent! Mine didn't even crack. I made Supreme Strawberry Topping but kept a lot of the strawberries whole and drizzled the sauce all over. So good!" – Kate Linske
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Rating: Unrated
"Super delicious! Easy to put together and always comes out perfect!" – ddavis

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Rating: 4.83 stars

This makes an excellent cheesecake, similar to one you would get in a restaurant. Great for special occasions! Garnish with white chocolate curls if desired.