Mini Foods

See cute little pies, precious pizzas, itty-bitty bites, tiny cakes and other top-rated darling dishes.

Staff Picks

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake

Rating: 4.74 stars
So tasty, cute, and totally YUMMY! All the greatness of the original versions, but MINI! No need for a traditional water bath or for the lengthy cooling time.

Miniature Chocolate Eclairs

Rating: 4.52 stars
Eclairs filled with chocolate pudding and frosted with a semisweet chocolate glaze.

Mini Ham And Cheese Rolls

Rating: 4.69 stars
These are fantastic for both a super bowl party or a luncheon tea. They are addictive, so be sure to make an extra batch.

Mini Sweet Potato Pies

Rating: 4.58 stars
Cute bite size sweet potato pies. Always a winner for the holidays and easy enough to make! Great for holiday dinner parties or sweet appetizers!

Mini Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins

Rating: 4.71 stars
These moist and deliciously-sweet pumpkin muffins are great for sharing, but you won't want to share! Don't let the pumpkin-butterscotch combination fool you, these taste great!

Mini Meringues

Rating: 4.21 stars
These crunchy dainties are great with coffee or with cream for dessert. And they're low fat! Substitute 2 teaspoons instant coffee granules or 1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa for the vanilla if you like. Coffee kisses are great sandwiched together with melted white or dark chocolate. Spooned vanilla ones are good with cream and chocolate ones are good as finger biscuits with coffee.

Mini Cheesecakes I

Rating: 4.67 stars
Easy and so good for holidays, weddings, or whatever the occasion! It is also good with other flavors of fruit pie filling.

Slider-Style Mini Burgers

Rating: 4.58 stars
These remind me of my favorite fast food restaurant's little burgers! Perfect appetizer to bring to a party!

Mini Meatloaves

Rating: 4.61 stars
Quick and easy to make. A family favorite. The ketchup and brown sugar give these loaves a tangy flavor.

Easy Mini Quiches

Rating: 4.1 stars
This quiche recipe can be made in a large pie pan, a regular muffin pan, or mini muffin pan. They taste great, and you can add more ingredients to suit your tastes such as mushrooms or spinach.

Simple Cake Pops

Rating: 3.68 stars
Everyone loves cake pops! They are simple to make, and you can create anything for any occasion. They are also nice small bites of dessert instead of large slices of cake or pie. Can be made up in partial batches and the remaining ingredients stored for a few weeks.

Inspiration and Ideas

11 Mini Quiche Recipes for On-the-Go Breakfasts 
Bookmark these mini quiche recipes for your next breakfast potluck or baby shower, or simply keep them on hand for easy weekday breakfasts. 

Cream Cheese-Filled Bagel Balls

These cream cheese-filled bagel balls are perfect for breakfast and are super easy to make! The dough requires no yeast, and is a healthier alternative to regular dough! Two-ingredient dough is packed with protein thanks to the yogurt, and is free of the preservatives and artificial ingredients found in many prepared doughs. Once made, you can work with it immediately. That means you don't have to spend time waiting for the dough to proof before you make a meal.