Holiday Cupcake Recipes

Fun cupcake recipes for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more!

Editors' Picks

15 Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas Your Family Will Love
Everyone at your holiday table will fall for these cozy cupcakes.
Our Spookiest Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Learn how to create scary looking cupcakes, from monsters to mummies, with these Halloween-inspired recipes.
Sweetheart Cupcakes
Rating: Unrated
Try them in candy corn colors!
Candy Corn Cupcakes
Rating: Unrated
A cute way of making cupcakes so that they will have the colored layers of candy corn. Fun for Halloween!
Easy Halloween Mummy Cupcakes
Rating: Unrated
Even if you're not an experienced cupcake decorator, these little mummies are super easy to make and my kids loved them at their Halloween party. You can use any dark-colored cupcake or muffin and turn them into a creepy mummy in a heartbeat.

Inspiration and Ideas

15 Fall Cupcakes Full of Autumnal Flavor 
Pumpkin, maple, pecan, ginger, caramel, apple, sweet potato, and cinnamon...get your spice fix in these fall-inspired cupcakes.
Cake Balls
Rating: Unrated
This recipe is very versatile and heavily addictive. You can mix and match cake and icing flavors as well as the chocolate coatings. The variations are unlimited, and they can be nicely packaged and given as gifts.