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Staff Picks

Colorado Mexican Pizza

Rating: 4.68 stars
A large layered pizza with chicken and ground beef made with a crust of flour tortillas

Chile Colorado II

Rating: 4.06 stars
My mother in law got this recipe from a fire man. It is one of their favorites in the fire house, now it is one of ours. Serve with Flour tortillas, rice, and a sprinkling of cheese, if desired.

Colorado Bulldog

Rating: 4.14 stars
A delicious blend accented with coffee liqueur.

Colorado Mexican Rice

Rating: 3.91 stars
I'm Mexican, and we eat Colorado rice every day. It is a must in our daily meals. Mozzarella or Chihuahua cheese may be substituted for manchego.

Easy Guacamole

Rating: 4.56 stars
Simply a quick recipe for tasty guacamole! Great with tortilla chips or as a topping for Mexican foods!

Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings

Rating: 4.78 stars
This is similar to the hot wings recipe served at a popular restaurant chain. If you have ever had them, you have to love them.

Baby Back Ribs

Rating: 4.77 stars
These are tender and the meat falls right off the bone. Generally, people think of baby back ribs as a meal they would only order when at a restaurant, but they are so easy to make at home. This recipe could not be any more simple.

Mile High Green Chili

Rating: 4.57 stars
Green chili is a Colorado favorite, it's always a crowd pleaser when we have out-of-state visitors. Roasting your veggies first gives this recipe a deeper level of flavor. This can be served over rice as a main course, stuffed in enchiladas, or over potatoes and eggs.

Simple Grilled Lamb Chops

Rating: 4.71 stars
This very tasty and easy marinade for lamb chops can also be used for steaks.

Quick Baby Back Ribs

Rating: 4.67 stars
This is an easy recipe for ribs which won't be tough, like smoked ribs, or fall off the bone, like braised ribs. These ribs are done the right way, and I've never had better ribs than this.

Colorado Green Chili (Chile Verde)

Rating: 4.66 stars
My version of my mother's green chili. I like to serve it over oven-baked burritos or with beans and rice. If you can't find a chile roaster, look for frozen diced chiles at your supermarket. You can also freeze fresh roasted chiles for off-season use.

Chile Colorado

Rating: 4.55 stars
I like to make this chile for my Mexican husband, who also doesn't like tomatoes in his chile. This is a very Mexican chile. If you decide to add beans, do it after the chile is finished.

Inspiration and Ideas

Single Crust Peach Pie
Rating: Unrated
My mother made this pie several times a month in the fall with fresh peaches from the Western Slope of Colorado, the BEST peaches in the world! It is still one of our family's favorites!
Colorado Green Chili
Rating: Unrated
This is a vegetarian green chili that you find all over Colorado. Goes great over breakfast burritos, cheeseburgers, fried eggs or anything.

Buffalo Chicken Wings I

Rating: 4.66 stars

Let your palate fly away on wings of fire - easy, spicy buffalo wings!