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Staff Picks

Pittsburgh Chipped Ham Barbecues

Rating: 4.46 stars
Barbequed ham sandwiches are a quick solution to dinner. The barbeque sauce is simple and made from scratch on the stove top.


Rating: 4.57 stars
My Czech family dinner or lunch recipe has always been a favorite of mine. It still brings back childhood memories!

Pittsburgh Potatoes

Rating: 4.38 stars
This is a cheesy, savory potato dish made with Velveeta®, sour cream, and onions. It is a favorite among all who try it.

Hearty Meatball Sandwich

Rating: 4.48 stars
A cross between meatloaf and meatballs, this sandwich promises to hold together without being messy.
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Original Homemade Italian Beef

Rating: 4.66 stars
Best homemade Italian beef I have ever had. My mom always made it and passed it down to me, I think it's just so good...I wanted everyone to enjoy it...so please do!

Kielbasa Appetizers

Rating: 4.35 stars
Enjoy these addicting appetizers. There will be no leftovers.

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Ribs

Rating: 4.52 stars
An easy and delicious way to prepare tender barbecued ribs without the barbecue!

Polish Cabbage Noodles

Rating: 4.48 stars
Sauteed cabbage and onions with noodles, a perfect last minute meatless meal!!

Crispy Fish Fillets

Rating: 4.44 stars
Even people who aren't sure if they love fish will love these crunchy fillets! Quick and easy!

Kielbasa and Cabbage

Rating: 4.55 stars
This smoked Polish sausage dish is great for company, but quick enough for a weeknight! It is super good and easy, and can be prepared well in advance. Complete your meal by adding a baked potato, fruit salad, and bread.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Rating: 4.36 stars
I don't know where I got this recipe, but I have been using it for well over 20 years. Works well in a slow cooker.

Pittsburgh Ham Barbecues

Rating: 4.61 stars
I grew up on these delicious, sweet, and tangy barbecue sandwiches made from chipped deli ham. This dish is a staple in Western Pennsylvania, although each family seems to have its own way of making them! It's a terrific last-minute meal. Chipped chopped ham is a pressed ham loaf sold at deli counters in the Pittsburgh area which is always chipped. If you can get Islay's Chipped Ham, that is the original and still the best for these sandwiches. Otherwise, just get any deli ham and have it chipped or shaved paper thin. Enjoy!

Inspiration and Ideas

Pittsburgh Steelers Game Day Sampler
Rating: Unrated
A delicious combination of all your tailgating favorites: buttery haluski, mini pierogis and kielbasa all in one. A must-have at any Steelers Game Day party.
Lisa's Macaroni and Cheese
Rating: Unrated
I use three kinds of cheese to make this rich, baked macaroni and cheese. My husband considers it a special treat, and my six-year old son especially likes the 'stringy cheese'! The shape of the baking pan will affect the outcome. I like lots of 'crunchy stuff,' so prefer a long, shallow pan. A deeper, narrower pan will yield more of the soft 'insides.'
Rating: Unrated

City Chicken

Rating: 4.56 stars

Delectable pork cubes, coated, skewered and slow simmered in chicken broth and herbs. Serve over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes.