Fried Zucchini Recipes

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Staff Picks

Connie's Zucchini "Crab" Cakes

Rating: Unrated
These really taste like crab cakes but without the crab, and are a really good way to utilize that bumper crop of zucchini!

Old-Fashioned Italian Zucchini Fritters

Rating: Unrated
An old-fashioned Italian zucchini fritter!

Fried Zucchini

Rating: Unrated
If you like traditional fried zucchini, and you're like me, when you get done frying it you only have half of what you fried left. This is a simple and quick way to fry enough for everyone.

Smoked Sausage and Zucchini Saute

Rating: Unrated
Quick and easy main dish. A good way to use up extra zucchini from the summer garden. My mother used to make this to keep the kitchen from getting too hot from the oven. Serve over cooked rice.

Butter Fried Zucchini

Rating: Unrated
Delicious pan fried zucchini fried in butter not oil! Easy to make too! You can even add a little bit of garlic powder and chili powder to spice things up a bit.

Kelli's Fried Green Zucchini

Rating: Unrated
Just like fried green tomatoes, but with zucchini instead.

Zucchini Puffs

Rating: Unrated
A great way to use up the abundant zucchini in your garden. I freeze grated zucchini in 2 cup portions for winter Puffs!

Italian Sausage and Zucchini

Rating: Unrated
This goes in the quick and easy category...and yummy too! Serve over cooked rice or pasta.

Crispy Zucchini or Pumpkin Blossoms

Rating: Unrated
My Italian grandmother makes these every year when the zucchini in her garden start to blossom. She is Sicilian and calls them 'cripelli.' It's sort of like a fritter and so yummy. As an alternative, you could also chop up the blossoms and mix them up in the batter and drop by teaspoons into the hot oil.

Easy Zucchini Fritters

Rating: Unrated
These fritters are unbelievably easy to make, low in calories, and the perfect way to sneak in some veggies!

Corn and Zucchini Pancakes

These savory corn and zucchini fritters use fresh seasonal produce to make a unique side for any of your grilled favorites. Perfect with grilled chicken, fish or beef. The zucchini helps to keep the cakes moist and the corn gives them a sweet crunch. It's a perfect way to sneak in more veggies, especially if you have some picky eaters in the family. Who can resist savory little pancakes?

Zucchini Corn Fritters

Rating: Unrated
Yummy zucchini corn fritters that my family can't get enough of. These fritters are light and fluffy with lots of zucchini and fresh corn. Cheese is optional, but not in my house. Serve hot with ranch dressing.

Inspiration and Ideas

Pan-Grilled Zucchini

This simple zucchini side dish is quick and easy to prep, but has a lovely look when cooked in a grill pan. You'll be whipping this up all summer long to use up the extra zucchini from your garden. Feel free to experiment with different herb and seasoning combinations to mix it up from day to day.

Zucchini Cheddar Pancakes

Rating: Unrated
Got this recipe from the best Auntie in the world. Love them!

Curried Zucchini Corn Fritters

Rating: Unrated

These delicious little fritters are a great way to use up end-of-summer zucchini and corn! Delicious with raita or plain yogurt with a little chopped mint mixed in.