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Soccer Cheese Ball Bites

Rating: Unrated
If you're looking for ideas for your World Cup party, try these soccer-themed mini cheese balls. They are quick and easy to make and look great on a cheese platter.

Russian Salmon and Potato Salad

Rating: Unrated
This salmon salad is a very popular dish served at Russian gatherings and is usually the first one to disappear. It is easy to prepare and can be served at a picnic or as an appetizer.

Eggplant Appetizer

Rating: Unrated
This traditional Russian eggplant appetizer is delicious! It's great with crackers or bread. Put leftovers in jars so you can enjoy it the whole winter!

Cold Russian Borscht

Rating: Unrated
Can you say 'Delicious?'

Russian Potato Salad

Rating: Unrated
This is no ordinary potato salad. This salad consists of potatoes, turkey hot dogs, pickles, scallions, hard-boiled eggs, and sweet peas. All of the ingredients are finely chopped and dressed with mayonnaise. This salad has been in my family for four generations. Enjoy!

How to Decorate Soccer Cupcakes

Rating: Unrated
You can turn any cupcakes into little soccer balls. Perfect for watching the World Cup or to bring to your kid's soccer game as a treat.

Soccer Chex® Mix

Rating: Unrated
This is a variation of a snack mix. I have had so many requests for this from our school's soccer team, that it has now become our soccer snack mix. Sometimes I add a few extra bagel chips once the mix is done cooking because that is our favorite part.

Perfect Sushi Rice

Rating: Unrated
Here is my recipe for the perfect sushi rice. You can eat this alone or roll into your favorite sushi roll with ingredients of choice. I use strips of carrots, cucumbers and slices of avocado. You can adjust the amount of vinegar in this recipe to suit your taste.


Rating: Unrated
These Mexican fritters are very common at fairs. In my border hometown, the line at this stand is always overwhelming. People wait hours in line just to get a taste of these churros. I have run across several recipes but this is the best one by far.
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Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Rating: Unrated
This authentic Mexican salsa verde has a fabulous flavor. Use it on chicken enchiladas or as a condiment for any dish that needs a little extra zip!

Authentic Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (Coctel de Camarones estilo Mexicano)

Rating: Unrated
I prepare this refreshing shrimp cocktail for my family a lot during the hot summer days. Being a Mexican family, we always add Mexican hot sauce (such as Valentina® or Tapatio®) and serve with saltine crackers on the side. The trick is to start with well-chilled shrimp, ketchup, and tomato juice cocktail so it can be ready after only chilling 1 hour in the fridge. Top with additional hot sauce and avocado slices if desired. Enjoy!

Pico De Gallo

Rating: Unrated
Sometimes when you eat authentic Mexican food, they give you this salsa stuff made with tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. You can add a squeeze of lime juice to pico de gallo, but I prefer this basic recipe. Once you serve this with your Mexican dish such as tacos, you will want it with all your Mexican dishes!

Inspiration and Ideas

Soccer Ball Cake

Decorate your favorite cake for your futbol fans—and remind them to stop shouting "Goooooal" with their mouths full.

Chef John's Beef Pirozhki

See how to make these stuffed buns filled with beef, onion, and dill.

Roasted Tomatillo and Garlic Salsa

Rating: Unrated

Tomatillos, lots of garlic and spicy jalapenos charred under the broiler give this salsa a rich, earthy flavor. If you like your salsa very hot, added roasted Jamaican scotch bonnets instead of the jalapeno.