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Chef John's Boston Cream Pie

Rating: Unrated
This is my quick and easy version of Boston's Parker House Hotel's famous cake.
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Boston Brown Bread I

Rating: Unrated
This is an excellent whole wheat raisin bread recipe that doesn't need many ingredients.

Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Rating: Unrated
These beans taste like Boston Baked Beans. Yummy!

Boston Baked Beans

Rating: Unrated
A wonderful old-fashioned baked bean flavor. This recipe has served by family for 29 years and originally came from my mother-in-law. It tastes great served with fresh cornbread or biscuits and honey. Although you need to allow time for soaking and simmering the beans, this recipe is still quite easy.
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Boston Cream Pie I

Rating: Unrated
A rich creamy dessert also known as Boston Cream Cake. It is a wonderful combination of yellow cake, custard and chocolate glaze.

Boston Cream Pie II

Rating: Unrated
Yellow cake filled with custard and topped with chocolate icing--yummy!

Boston Brown Bread III

Rating: Unrated
Absolutely fabulous, tastes just like the brown bread I had on my trip to Boston!

Boston Iced Tea

Rating: Unrated
After tasting Boston Iced Tea, I just had to try and concoct my own. Delicious and refreshing! You can also serve with a slice of fresh orange.

Boston Brown Bread II

Rating: Unrated
This bread is so tasty because the raisins soak overnight and then release their moisture into the bread as it bakes. It's a great bread for raisin lovers.

Boston Cream Cake

Rating: Unrated
This recipe uses cake mix, pudding mix, and prepared chocolate icing to make an easy and delicious version of Boston Cream Pie.

Boston Cream Pie III

Rating: Unrated
Boston Cream Pie is really a cake consisting of 2 layers of yellow cake filled with pastry cream and topped with chocolate glaze. This recipe is easier than it looks and well worth the effort!

Chicken Boston

Rating: Unrated
Not your same old chicken, this recipe has a slight twist & shake to it from its unusual sauce. Serve with green vegetables for a complete meal in one. Mmm Mmm good!