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Chicken Enchiladas With Mole Sauce

Rating: Unrated
These authentic chicken enchiladas with mole sauce were inspired by a dish served at Seattle's La Carta De Oaxaca restaurant. Chocolate and dried chiles make a rich and flavorful sauce that tops the moist and tender chicken enchiladas.

Chard Tacos

Rating: Unrated
This is a meatless taco in a corn tortilla. Simple and delicious. You will want seconds or thirds. Shhh.
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Authentic Enchiladas Verdes

Rating: Unrated
These enchiladas are made with a fresh green salsa, just like you would find in a Mexican restaurant or better yet, in a Mexican home.

Potato and Bean Enchiladas

Rating: Unrated
A great vegetarian main dish that can be spiced up with the addition of jalapenos to either or both sauce and filling.
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Authentic Mexican Enchiladas

Rating: Unrated
This is the real thing! Corn tortillas are dipped in a home made sauce, fried, filled with Mexican queso fresco, then topped with sour cream, lettuce and tomato. My mother in law is from Mexico and taught me to make this delicious dish! Serve with authentic refried beans, it has a taste different from the norm--so good!

Honduran Baleadas

Rating: Unrated
In El Salvador there are pupusas. In Mexico there are tacos. In Honduras there are Baleadas. The simple version consists of a thick flour – though sometimes corn – tortilla that has been put on a charcoal grill. It's slathered in refried black beans and a bit of white farmers cheese then folded over like an American-style soft taco.

Spicy Lime Avocado Soup

Rating: Unrated
My husband tried to tell me not to submit this recipe... he doesn't want the whole world to know about it, but I say share what you have! Serve with warm tortilla chips and a nice large mojito. Top with sour cream or creme fraiche if desired.

Mexican Chicken Tortilla Lasagna

Rating: Unrated
Lasagna goes south of the border in this Mexican lasagna fusion which uses corn tortillas.

Ridiculously Easy Queso Fresco "Dip"

Rating: Unrated
On a recent trip to the local Costco®, I ended up purchasing a huge thing of queso fresco, or Mexican white cheese. Not sure what to do with it, I created this modified dip that goes perfectly with any Mexican-themed meal! It's so ridiculously easy, and looks much more refined than classic chile con queso. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy! Reheat as needed.

Huancaina Sauce

Rating: Unrated
This is traditional Peruvian spicy cheese sauce, often served over boiled and sliced potatoes. The recipe was created based on my experiences living in Peru and makes for a delicious and easy dinner starter. Serve at room temperature or cold over boiled potatoes and top with sliced boiled eggs and kalamata olives; dust with paprika (or rocoto if you have some).

Baked Chiles Rellenos

Delicious baked chiles rellenos without the fat of frying. Serve with Mexican beans and rice.

Enchiladas Verdes (Green Enchiladas)

Rating: Unrated
Experience authentic Mexican flavor with this award-winning recipe. A family favorite created by my mother, enchiladas verdes explodes in your mouth with just the right amount of spice and tang. This is my favorite Mexican dish and it's sure to become yours too.

Inspiration and Ideas

Enchiladas Verdes

"Fantastic! The recipe itself is nice and simple, and the taste is very authentic." – SunnyByrd

Papa a la Huancaina (Huancayo-Style Pota

"Made this for a culture night at church and it was a hit." – theross

Crawfish Quesadillas

Rating: Unrated

Tex-Mex meets Louisiana. This is quick and simple. Serve with guacamole, chips, salsa, and a good dark Mexican beer.