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Staff Picks

Chayote Squash With Red Peppers and Ginger

Rating: 4.5 stars 12
This is a combination of several recipes I found. Thought it turned out well, so here it is. Great easy side dish with a little kick of spice.

Mexican Veggies with Queso

Rating: 4.5 stars 33
Delicious combo of fresh veggies, with spices and queso. You can add other veggies to this such as carrots and corn. Top with sour cream and salsa if desired.

Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef Soup)

Rating: 5 stars 337
This is an extremely hearty and satisfying soup, made from scratch with beef bones, cabbage, potatoes, corn, chayote, and cilantro. Garnish with slivered raw onion, lime juice, jalapenos, and more cilantro.

Chicken Tinola

Rating: 4.5 stars 86
Chicken, squash, bok choy, and spinach in a savory, ginger-flavored broth.

Chayote Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 77
This recipe will fool you into thinking you're eating a cream-based soup. It's spicy, different, and really pretty. It's extremely versatile. Tastes best when it's made at least a day in advance.

Caldo de Pollo

Rating: 5 stars 50
A simple but richly-flavored chicken soup slowly simmered with vegetables.

Chicken Binakol

Rating: 4 stars 1
This is a Filipino dish recipe that my mother taught me and I'd like to share with you. Enjoy.

Beef Nilaga

Rating: 4 stars 12
This is another one-meal-in-a-pot dish. It contains soup, meat and vegetables all cooked together in one delicious broth. Terrific during cooler weather. Serve hot alone or with rice.

Chayote Squash Side Dish

Rating: 4 stars 95
A simple and elegant, EASY side dish made from an exotic, but inexpensive squash. Paired with chicken or fish, it rounds out a weeknight supper.

Crispy Ground Turkey Tostadas

Rating: 5 stars 3
These fresh, delicious crispy ground turkey tostadas are made with lots of taco spices, sassy poblano, and tasty pickled red onions.

Baked Chayote Squash

Rating: 4.5 stars 11
Cheesy, custardy stuffed squash with bread crumbs on top. This dish is great as a side with beans, meat, and rice, Central American-style.


Rating: 5 stars 11
Mirliton (chayote) squash is the vegetable that is used to make this wonderful dressing. It's very popular here in Louisiana around the holidays.

Inspiration and Ideas

Mexican Chicken Meatball Soup (Sopa de Albondigas de Pollo)
Rating: Unrated 3
A delicious soup recipe. Ground chicken meatballs are simmered in chicken broth with zucchini and chayote. I like to serve it with fresh spinach, chopped avocado, lemon juice, and chipotle chile.
Chayote and Sausage Stew
Rating: Unrated 20
This recipe started as an experiment using chayote. It received unexpected raves at the table and is now in regular rotation at our house. We like this served over rice.
Gringa Caldo de Res for the Instant Pot®

It seems no matter what region you visit in Mexico or Latin America, they have their own version of Caldo de Res. My version is certainly not authentic, but incorporates the main components for a faster preparation.