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A Simply Perfect Roast Turkey

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Simple, perfect roast turkey just like grandma used to make. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and basted with turkey stock, the flavors of the turkey really stand out. Stuff with your favorite dressing.

Rosemary Roasted Turkey

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This recipe makes your turkey moist and full of flavor. You can also use this recipe for Cornish game hens, chicken breasts or roasting chicken. Select a turkey sized according to the amount of people you will be serving.

Chef John's Roast Turkey and Gravy

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The biggest myth in all of American cookery is the belief that a juicy, perfectly cooked turkey is difficult for the novice cook to achieve. One of the secrets to a moist, delicious, and beautiful turkey is spreading butter under the skin. You can season the butter any way you want; the possibilities are endless.

Homestyle Turkey, the Michigander Way

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A simple, down to basics recipe when it comes to the good old tom turkey.

Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

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My grandmother and mother passed this recipe on to me. It changes just a little every year, because we've never written it down before. But it is always incredibly juicy and succulent!


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Yummy, moist, tasty turkey! I combined two of my favorite turkey recipes to make this one superb apple flavored roast turkey with stuffing.

Sherry's German Turkey

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Give your Thanksgiving dinner a twist this year. You will be pleasantly surprised at the indescribable flavor of this turkey. Well, WOW comes to mind. I got the general recipe from a German friend of mine with an added twist of my own. I have had so many raves about my turkey that everyone now comes to my house on Thanksgiving. Definitely a crowd pleaser, there has never been left over turkey at my house. Thanks Evelyn :)

Herb-Glazed Roasted Turkey

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The holiday season means it's Turkey Time. I could never figure out why so many people wanted to come over...until they confessed it was my recipe for turkey! Gobble, Gobble! I do not stuff the turkey. I make my own stuffing on the side and serve in a festive dish.

Salvadorian Roasted Turkey

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My Salvadorian mother-in-law taught me this recipe, and it's become our family's favorite. I want everyone to enjoy it like we do!

Maple Roast Turkey and Gravy

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A New England style turkey with maple syrup. It makes for a mellow Thanksgiving dinner. Try stuffing it with Cranberry, Sausage and Apple Stuffing. If fresh marjoram is unavailable, 2 teaspoons of dried marjoram may be substituted.

Roast Spatchcock Turkey

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This roasting method results in the juiciest, crispiest turkey cooked in a fraction of the time it usually takes. The secret is to remove the backbone and flatten out the bird. Carving is a whole lot easier, too. Once you try it, you might never go back.

Perfect Turkey

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A perfectly seasoned and juicy turkey. My friend from France taught me to cook turkey like this, but she never measures anything so use your own judgment for vegetable amounts, etc. I usually err on the side of 'more is better'!

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Chef John's Roast Turkey and Gravy

"The best turkey recipe ever! The seasoning was perfect, the skin was crisp to perfection, and the meat was moist! This is now my go-to turkey recipe." – ahill

How to Cook a Turkey

Learn how to roast a moist, tender bird with a beautiful magazine-cover look.

Turkey Mercedes

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Thanksgiving turkey has been given a Cuban twist! We celebrate this American holiday by preparing a turkey marinated with the flavors of Cuba. The recipe is foolproof and the turkey is the best you'll ever taste!