Buffalo Chicken Wing Recipes

Browse more than 25 recipes for spicy Buffalo wings, from classic fried wings to slow-cooked, baked, air-fried, grilled, and Instant Pot versions.

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Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings

Rating: Unrated
Push the deep fryer aside and pull out the air fryer instead next game day. There is no need to add all of that oil when you can achieve crispy wings straight out of the air fryer. Serve with celery sticks and ranch dressing, if desired.

Scott's Coast-to-Coast Famous Chicken Wings

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Where I'm from, they're just called 'Wings.' I've made this recipe for as long as I can remember - hopping from my hometown of Buffalo, NY, to Raleigh, NC, now to Seattle, WA. This wing recipe has been sought after by many that have tasted them, and I've never given up the recipe or prep method...until now.

Zach's Buffalo Wing Goodness

Rating: Unrated
Father-son teamwork over the summer of 2012 produced our favorite wing recipe after many fun weeks. The wings are baked to a crispy perfection with just the right amount heat and maintain a robust flavor that will make this a recipe a favorite. Serve with sliced carrots and celery for cool crunching and blue cheese or ranch dressing for those who need it.

Vinnie's Spicy Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
This buffalo wing sauce recipe name says it all, only for the hot at heart!

Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings

Rating: Unrated
This is a recipe I learned from a very good friend, and every time I make it there isn't a wing left over. Always a 5-star with friends and family. You can tweak the recipe how you like. Less butter gives you a thicker sauce. I prefer a thinner sauce.

Boneless Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
What a great way to have chicken. Had these boneless wings a while back at a pub and fell in love with the taste. A nice change from your regular chicken wings. Serve with blue cheese dressing for dipping.

Dry-Rub Air-Fried Chicken Wings

Rating: Unrated
Yummy chicken wings made from a Memphis-style dry rub.

Awesome Slow Cooker Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
I made these wings for Super Bowl®; they were gone in five minutes and super-easy to make! Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Wings I

Rating: Unrated
Let your palate fly away on wings of fire - easy, spicy buffalo wings!

Fried Buffalo Wings with Spicy, Sweet, and Umami Sauce

Rating: Unrated
The secret to creating great fried chicken at home is par-boiling the meat before frying. Believe it or not, this actually produces a incredibly crunchy piece of chicken while keeping the meat tender and juicy. Using wings gives you a ton of surface area for more crunch and more of the special sauce. The sauce in this recipe is a twist on the traditional Buffalo wing sauce with the addition of molasses and Worcestershire sauce for a slightly sweet and 'umami' flavor. Frying with lard adds flavor and extra crunch.

Thai Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
Spicy and slightly sweet with unique flavors.

Home-Style Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
An easy and non-fried recipe of Buffalo chicken wings. Serve with blue cheese salad dressing, sticks of carrot, and celery.

Inspiration and Ideas

How To Make Bar-Style Buffalo Wings

Bake 'em, fry 'em, sauce 'em. This classic triple-threat restaurant trick creates wings with crispy, crunchy skin and tender, juicy meat.

Baked Buffalo Wings

Rating: Unrated
"Exactly what I want when I want wings." – AmyShines