Apple Bar Recipes

Browse more than 20 apple bar cookie recipes. Find recipes for chewy apple bars to meet any taste.

Staff Picks

Apple Butter Bars

Rating: Unrated
Moist bars drizzled with icing.

Applesauce Brownies I

Rating: Unrated
Really delicious and moist brownies.

Caramel Apple Bars I

Rating: Unrated
Caramel and apples make for delicious bars. Pecans in place of the walnuts would work equally as well.

Applesauce Squares

Rating: Unrated
Easy to make and oh so good!

Apple Bars

Rating: Unrated
Granny Smith apples work well in this recipe.

Danish Pastry Apple Bars II

Rating: Unrated
Better than apple pie, and can be served warm. These go very quickly when served with other bar cookies.

Apple Oatmeal Bar Cookies

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is a subtle version of apple crisp or oatmeal cookies. This recipe isn't too sweet or too bland. It's great as an after school snack or just something to munch on after dinner. It's super quick!

Caramel Apple Bars II

Rating: Unrated
A fall favorite with baked apples and gooey caramel. A great rainy day project!

Apple Squares

Rating: Unrated
Apples, nuts and cinnamon make these bars delicious. They hardly last a day at my house!

Applesauce Bars

Rating: Unrated
Moist and spicy bar cookies with frosting. An easy and quick after school snack. Also goes great at carry-ins and bake sales. You can also just sprinkle with confectioners sugar instead of frosting.

Apple Pie Slices

Rating: Unrated
These bars are just like apple pie. Pie crust, cinnamon and apples in a convenient bar form.

Danish Pastry Apple Bars I

Rating: Unrated
Serve warm or cool, topped with powdered sugar or whipped cream. For best results use a tart baking apple such as Cortland, Rome, or Northern Spy.

Inspiration and Ideas

Caramel Apple Bars II

"These are great! Especially warm with vanilla ice cream. I would describe it kind of like apple pie on top of an oatmeal cookie." – armywife24

Applesauce Brownies II

"A plain cake-like brownie, moist with great chocolate taste. Easy to make." – IRENERUSSELL

Apple Cheesecake Snack Bars

Rating: Unrated

These apple cheesecake snack bars are rich and delicious with a crumbly streusel topping. My family devours the entire pan every time I make them.