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Best White Icing Ever

Rating: Unrated
This icing recipe is #1! It's quick and easy to make, bright white for cake decorating, and you can easily change it's consistency! This is the most important icing recipe you'll ever have. It's so basic, it makes the hassle of cake decorating so much easier! If you wish, use half shortening and half unsalted butter.

Italian Wedding Cake

Rating: Unrated
This is a bride's cake. It was served at a very dear friends wedding.

White Wedding Cake

Rating: Unrated
This is a great white wedding cake for those of you who like it plain. When I was a child, one of my neighbors who was elderly made a lot of wedding cakes for family and other people, and she took great pride in her work. She used fancy staircases you get in cake decorating stores, and even crocheted certain decorations. All is in your imagination. No professional baker did what she did. Be creative.

Wedding Cake Icing

Rating: Unrated
Very Easy! Add a little more water to ice the cake and a little less to make the decorations!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Rating: Unrated
This is the simplest version of chocolate covered strawberries I know. Paraffin was originally used instead of shortening. Turn the strawberries upside down and insert by the toothpicks into a piece of styrofoam for easy cooling, or simply place them on a sheet of wax paper. White chocolate may be drizzled over the milk chocolate for a fancier look. They are perfect for weddings when decorated with frosting bow ties, bells, butterflies, roses, etc.

Easy Garlic-Lemon Scallops

Rating: Unrated
Scallops sauteed in butter and garlic will melt in your mouth. Lemon juice gives it a nice kick.

White Almond Wedding Cake

Rating: Unrated
A secret ingredient of sour cream makes this cake so moist, dense, and delicious! I use this recipe for my kids' birthdays, but it's a favorite for wedding cakes, too! This recipe can easily be doubled.

Asparagus Wrapped in Crisp Prosciutto

Rating: Unrated
Extremely easy and elegant appetizer. Asparagus spears are wrapped in a sheath of prosciutto, then baked until crispy. A great dish to make ahead, and bake just before serving.

Scorpion Bowl

Rating: Unrated
Routinely found at Chinese restaurants, this punch-like cocktail is absolutely mouthwatering. This goes great with Chinese and Polynesian food.

Restaurant-Style Prime Rib Roast

Rating: Unrated
This rib roast recipe took years to formulate. It makes the most out of this cut of meat. It is perfect for any special occasion.

Easy Chicken Satay

Rating: Unrated
Savory chicken served on skewers with a slightly sweet peanut sauce.

Stuffed Strawberries

Rating: Unrated
Yum, yum! Sometimes I add some finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate. These are perfect for baby showers or wedding showers. A plastic sandwich bag can be used instead of a pastry bag by filling with the cream cheese mix and making a tiny cut in the corner.

Inspiration and Ideas

Luscious Slush Punch

"Made this for a wedding and it was a BIG HIT! Everyone loved this punch!" – Andrea Hedin

White Almond Wedding Cake

"Love this recipe. It's dense, moist and so delicious. Holds up amazingly well with fondant and any filling—also freezes really well. Happy baking, everyone!" – Deebs

Cake Pops

Rating: Unrated

Birthdays, Easter, baby showers, or just because they are cute and taste good! Got this recipe from a friend and I must share... enjoy! There are many ways to be creative when making these... there are dozens of different types of sprinkles, or you can use different colors of candy melts and no sprinkles if you wish. Almost everything can be bought at a crafts store.