Birthday Cake Recipes

From chocolate or white cake to lemon and carrot cake, you'll find dozens of the best birthday cake recipes, just waiting to be decorated.

Staff Picks

One - Two - Three - Four Cake II

Rating: 4 stars 77
This is a very old recipe. It uses basic items found in most any pantry.

Rick's Special Buttercream Frosting

Rating: 4.5 stars 743
Use this recipe to get an ideal buttercream for frosting and borders on cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies.

Rainbow Pinata Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 14
Watch guests' faces light up as you cut into this towering blue, pink, green, and purple layer cake filled with candies and sprinkles like a pinata.

Mine Craft Creeper Cake

Rating: 5 stars 4
A must for any Minecraft-Fan! The notorious Minecraft Creeper might be the most dangerous enemy in the game, but it's more than welcome when it comes in the form of a chocolate cake! Prepare the chocolate cake according to your favorite recipe.

Happy Birthday Cake

Rating: 4 stars 236
This is one of my mother's cake recipes for a birthday. I love this recipe and it tastes great.

Aunt Kate's Strawberry Cake

Rating: 4 stars 35
This recipe dates back to the early 1900's and was made by my grandmother's sister Kate. I have the fondest memories of my grandmother and my mother making this when strawberries came into season. The cake itself is not very sweet, although the icing is. The balance is perfect. I make this for many occasions, and my secret taste testers have remarked how wonderful it is. Just a side note: using fresh, sweet strawberries is the key.

Rainbow Citrus Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 78
Tri-colored cake with a lemon layer, lime layer and an orange layer. The filling is a lemon curd and the frosting is orange.

Fudge Layer Cake

Rating: 4 stars 15
This decadent cake is creamy-smooth and buttery. It literally melts in your mouth and leaves you swooning for more! Sprinkle frosted cake with chocolate shavings.

Italian Creme Layer Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 241
Make this recipe for a delicious and moist Italian creme layer cake topped with coconut and pecans for a delicious and elegant dessert.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Rating: 4.5 stars 4041
This simple one bowl chocolate cake takes only minutes to prepare.
By shirleyo

Champagne Funfetti® Ice Cream Cake

Rating: 4 stars 2
Layers of champagne Funfetti® cake sandwich your favorite ice cream and toppings in this 20-layer celebration cake. Serve with plenty of champagne.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Rating: 5 stars 162
My daughter renamed this recipe 'The Best Dessert I've Ever Eaten' this summer when I prepared it for Memorial Day. I had made it before, but my husband had probably eaten all of it before she had a chance to get a taste! My husband doesn't like me to take this dessert to a large gathering because it means he won't have any leftovers! Got this recipe from a Bunco friend.

Inspiration and Ideas

Chocolate Unicorn Cake
Rating: Unrated 8
Each slice of this pretty cake is decorated to look like a unicorn face. Birthday candles are the unicorn horns!
Dark Chocolate Cake I
Rating: Unrated 1625
"Fantastic! Baked it for my father's birthday party; so delicious!" – nueve35
Grandma's Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake
Rating: 5 stars 29

This is hands-down my all-time favorite cake! I fell in love making it after my grandmother shared the recipe with me. This cake is super quick, easy, and fun to make! Definitely recommend this for first time bakers and anyone else who would love to take a bite out of a delicious chocolate Texas sheet cake.